CES 2020, the world’s largest technology exhibition, was held Jan. 7-11 in Las Vegas. During the exhibition period, MIK (MADE IN KOREA) INNOVATION HOT SPOT zone was held at Eureka Park located at Sands Expo to introduce Korean startups to the world

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 29, 2020 /Neptune100/ — CES 2020, the world’s largest technology exhibition, was held Jan. 7-11 in Las Vegas. During the exhibition period, MIK (MADE IN KOREA) INNOVATION HOT SPOT zone was held at Eureka Park located at Sands Expo to introduce Korean startups to the world.

MADE IN KOREA (MIK), which was launched by AVING NEWS in 2016 with the mission to promoting Korean companies to the world, is the global project designed to help the Korean companies expand their businesses by using the globally collaborating media, YouTubers, crowdfunding platforms, and investors to promote them to domestic and international markets.

More than 700 companies have participated in the MIK project over the past four years, and their stories have been reported as thousands of news through domestic and international media. In CES 2019 held last year, the first overseas MIK took place to lead in promoting Korean SMEs.

MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT was prepared to create an opportunity to attract more attention at CES 2020 with various programs by having innovative Korean startups and support organizations participate. Major participating organizations include Changwon Industry Promotion Agency, Gwangju University, Incheon Technopark, and Sungshin Women’s University Startup Support Group, and 10 participating companies are as follows.

J2C (CEO Kim Yu-jeong) is developing various iris recognition hardware and software in bio security solution area. As of 2019, it holds 18 Korean and foreign patents for iris recognition technology and has more than 18 years of experience in iris recognition.

Many iris algorithms have already been developed, but J2C noted that no hardware has been developed to capture clear iris images. Therefore, the company developed its own camera module and IR-LED, which are the key components for the iris recognition device to capture accurate iris images.

N2FALLS, a portable nitrogen coffee made by The Color Group, can be drunken anywhere, indoors or outdoors. The company focused on how to make it easy for the busy people of the modern age to enjoy coffee easily and comfortably.
This product doesn’t need coffee machine. Since there is no machine, it can be drunk anytime and anywhere. It has the extensibility to tea and herbs.

Deepmedi (CEO Lee Gwang-jin)’s Neul Heolrap is the application that measures the health information (heart rate, stress, blood pressure, etc.) by using the smartphone camera.

The company has a technology for estimating heart rate signals, blood pressure, and the aging of blood vessels by measuring the intensity of light reflected by blood as it absorbs light when shooting a finger on a mobile phone camera. The company recently developed the technology for estimating the heart rate from the face.

It can be used with only with smartphones, so there is no financial burden and it is easy to use. Since there is no additional equipment, it is possible to measure blood pressure anywhere and anytime because it can be measured in 10 seconds without being restricted by time and place.

Moderntech’s Electric Car Robot system is an electric vehicle charging system in line with the spread of electric vehicles. It can be installed in various places such as parking lots, buildings, supermarkets, and department stores. In the future, the electric vehicle robot system will be required for vehicles equipped with a large capacity battery such as an EV station.
As the world’s first intelligent EV charging system, stations can be built in conjunction with solar power generation. Also, by changing the charging type according to the demand, several units can be charged at the same time and bring the maximum effect with the minimum ratio.

A9 (CEO Park Yong-yeon)’s Bplug is the NB-IoT solution for one person households and lonely deaths management.
When the LTE Care Plug is installed in the welfare-vulnerable household, it monitors the activities of the vulnerable household every day. It manages safety by analyzing the power consumption of home appliances and changes in illuminance of households in real time. If a certain amount of power consumption and home lighting use does not occur for a certain period of time, a “danger” alarm sets off on the management page and smartphone, and the manager in charge checks the safety by phone or visit to prevent lonely deaths.

Geniesoft (CEO Kim Do-hyeon)’s Beat Smash is the VR rhythm game created by K-pop spreading widely throughout the world. Anyone who likes K-pop can dance and enjoy the game.

Other VR contents were not enjoyed much because it causes dizziness or inconvenience that the user must observe at 360 degrees. Beat Smash minimizes dizziness by providing an environment where users can focus on space. In addition, it is a VR rhythm game that induces the competition with other users and induces the desire to play again, not just a one-time experience.

Seesawtalk (CEO Mun Jae-ho)’s Seesaw is the personalized mobile portal on demand.

Seesaw’s customer has members and content and is the group and individual to whom money or information transactions are taking place. Customers are struggling to solve various group transactions such as closed communication, community and commerce that cannot be solved by SNS and chats, and spend a lot of time and money through development that they have not experienced.

Seesaw is a platform that can solve this problem, and the customer can select the service himself, and can be the owner of the service at low cost. Seesaw accepts variable data inputs and can implement its own group service by selecting only the services necessary for group transactions. The service can be used immediately by installing the app without registration, ID and password.

Goodlife introduced a safety power outlet that can prevent short circuit, electric shock, and fire. CTNS introduced changeable block battery according to capacity, and MARVRUS introduced AI-based VR English studying solution Speakit.

During the show, MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT PARTY where media, investors, and buyers participate was also held. The media and investors visiting MIK Zone will be served with high quality nitro cold brew coffee and tea from N2FALLS, the official partner of MIK PARTY.

J2C introducing the iris recognition device and optical components jointly developed security and anti-theft products by using the biometrics and IoT with the US IoT specialist Smartmimic.

The agreement included J2C jointly developing a product that combines Smartmimic’s hardware and low-power LoRa technology by providing anti-theft iris recognition cameras and algorithms that can be mounted on motorcycles and vehicles.

On Jan 11, the last day of the exhibition, Best of MIK @ CES2020 Award Ceremony selected by AVING News and global media was held. AVING News, the media that has reported CES to the world for more than 10 years, jointly planned with global media participating in CES to confirm and select the company’s products and technologies.

The company Geekazine from the US selected was J2C. Pro News from Japan selected N2Falls. IT Donga selected Deepmedi. France’s startup media Lecafedegeek selected Moderntech. Yashiro, a Japanese journalist from Engadget chose A9. Do An-gu, the Editor-in-Chief from the specialist media in technology TechSuda selected Geniesoft. The last company AVING News selected was Seesawtalk.

AVING NEWS, the media that has made the most promotion of Korean companies, has set up MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT in CES 2020 Startup Zone EUREKA PARK as the project to help Korean startups to enter the global market.

By using the strengths of CES, AVING NEWS introduced investors, buyers and media Korea’s promising startups through various programs such as strategic consulting, PR marketing, and networking parties.

MIK Zone was hosted by Next Generation Convergence Contents Industry Association, AVING NEWS, and MD Insight, and organized by Bluefoot. It was participated by Changwon Industry Promotion Agency, Incheon Techno Park Startup Support Center, Gwangju University Startup Support Group, and Sungshin Women’s University Startup Support Group.