Nested Knowledge Inc. (NESTED) has teamed up with Hiteks Solutions Inc. (HITEKS) to modernize the way Life Sciences Market Access groups communicate with clinicians.

ST. PAUL, MN, October 24, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Rather than relying on inefficient communication mechanisms and seemingly untrusted evidence which are often outdated, incomplete, and address only a subset of clinical questions, the NESTED-HITEKS collaboration enhances transparency and delivers timely and constantly updated literature and population data as evidence-in-context alongside other forms of guidelines-based analyses with the EvidenceNow™ platform. Online interactive evidence in the form of Evidence Maps, which are intuitively organized in circular fashion and automatically updated as new studies emerge. In addition, HITEKS’ advanced analytics presents population-based clinical data which is organized according to the patient cohorts described in Evidence Maps literature. The contextual presentation of data and literature minimizes bias in the presentation of scientific evidence related to therapies and their key outcomes.

While NESTED provides state-of-the-art tools for accessing the clinical literature, HITEKS complements the evidence with real-world patient outcomes data and tools for a holistic approach to understanding clinical information. HITEKS already provides population datasets in multiple clinical areas for hundreds of hospitals nationwide including cardiovascular (heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, hyperlipidemia), sepsis, acute myeloid leukemia, lung cancer, diabetes, and a growing list of over 70 other diagnoses. NESTED and HITEKS now combine their relative market positions to extend their offering into 70% of U.S. hospitals. Kevin Kallmes, CEO of NESTED, describes the EvidenceNow platform as one which allows clinicians to explore literature tagged with custom searches according to date, study type, and diagnostic methodology. Key patient populations, outcomes, and interventions are highlighted by Natural Language Processing in study abstracts, and users can review findings across studies, select multiple tags to find evidence related to specific queries (e.g. “What were the common adverse events in studies reporting patients refractory to first-line therapy?). Life Sciences can optimize study design, patient characteristics and common adverse events, as shown in this “queryable”, interactive example systematic review of Laser Interstitial Therapy for Epilepsy:

Gerry Petratos, MD, MS and CEO of HITEKS, states that in addition to market access and scientific communications, EvidenceNow satisfies the needs of marketing, clinical trial planning, regulatory affairs, and strategic decision-making within Life Sciences. The platform allows cross-organizational collaboration to execute feasibility of different approaches through the rapid systematic reviews aided by machine learning extraction of literature coupled with data-driven guidance of real-world patient data. From a pricing and sales standpoint, Dr. Petratos described how HITEKS will take the lead in marketing to Life Sciences: the solution is licensed to users through a subscription model which enables a low-risk mechanism of leveraging the power of the combined NESTED-HITEKS platform. In addition, market access groups can begin using it immediately to place their systematic reviews and other clinical evidence so that they can communicate with hospital systems and give themselves an advantage when it comes to pharmacy policy creation and the monitoring of patient outcomes.

HITEKS provides software and systems to improve the physician experience for clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and clinical decision support (CDS) functions within EHR workflows. Rather than building software which slows down and annoys physicians, we implement targeted patient specific advice for physicians and measure population outcomes to improve guidelines-based management and therapy, while optimizing documentation.

Nested Knowledge provides comprehensive summaries and analyses of relevant clinical literature, rapidly yielding actionable insights in a novel form. Access to relevant studies is easy using our searchable, interactive, web-based tools, automatically generating a range of outputs including statistical analyses presenting results and a visual outline of the research method. Visit

Hiteks was founded in 2011 with the mission of supporting providers with cutting edge decision support. We got involved in analyzing Natural Language in Medicine to solve the problem of accessing data stored from language, encompassing more than 80% of all the health care information available.