Chicago transportation firm raises the bar in driver safety with the addition of the AI Quad Dashboard Camera.

CHICAGO, IL, March 03, 2021 /Neptune100/ — Since March of 2011 Distance Trucking Inc. has been committed to fast, safe, and reliable transportation, delivered by a team of award-winning drivers. In line with the company’s mission, Distance Trucking has introduced the newest AI Quad Dashboard Camera, through Teletrac, into their fleet to capture a comprehensive analysis of our team’s real-time driving habits.

This AI Quad Dashboard Camera has an advanced vision-based fleet safety platform that incorporates both AI and Edge Computing to collect and analyze data in real-time; generating warnings to help drivers avoid dangerous situations and prevent incidents. Since it records and analyzes 100% of the drive time, dispatch receives a full safety picture through warnings, straightforward reports, and video on demand.

“Artificial intelligence-driven computing is one of the most advanced options available for fleet safety technology,” said Josh Pearson, the dispatch and operational manager at Distance Trucking. “These cameras provide a stronger insight as to what our drivers experience on the road from day-to-day.”

Through a combination of automatic constructive driving alerts, visibility of unsafe driving actions, and success, coaching the driver’s bad habits can be effectively “trained out” and positively affect long-term behavior. The platform also provides a weekly driver score, highlighting safe driving techniques, that promotes healthy competition between drivers in a reward structure.

“The biggest thing for us is that we aren’t trying to catch drivers making bad decisions and punishing them,” Josh says. “Moreso we are looking to encourage our drivers to make safe choices that allow everyone to get home safely.”

The AI Quad Dashboard Camera is equipped with high definition 1080P video with capturing driver-facing visibility, inward and peripheral views, a 9-axis Gyro and Magento accelerometer, real-time audible driver alerts, and 4G LTE connectivity. By capturing and analyzing the driver’s immediate experiences 24/7, Distance Trucking is ensuring that their drivers are prepared for whatever they may come across on the roads. Click here to see Distance Trucking’s new AI Quad Dashboard Camera in action, and all of the benefits it offers to our drivers on the road.

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