Chenghao Xu used his self-taught coding skills to build a drug warning system App, the “EF Virtual health care assistant V1.0”.

NEW YORK, NY, November 15, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Chenghao Xu is a high school student in Hangzhou, China who devote himself to the field of health care especially for the elderly. His initial motivation, according to Xu himself, is prompted by the fact that his grandmother has the acute disease of epilepsy. She loses consciousness from time to time since she forgets to take drugs on time. Therefore, Xu developed a drug warning system App, the “EF Virtual health care assistant V1.0”, to help his grandmother. Xu says: “I believe this is a worldwide problem. Nowadays, people are having a more and more fast and compact lifestyle, and therefore they are not always able to take care of the elderly in time, especially for senior citizens who have long-term medication plans and need a regular physical examination.”

Xu used Xcode as a development platform, incorporating the MVC design pattern. He also applied other open-source frameworks like FMDB and AFNetworking, separating local data storage and page. During the development process, he utilized multiple design patterns such as the Singleton pattern and Factory pattern, characterized by low coupling and high reusability.

After consulting experts on health care during his internship at Hangzhou Hengtong Pharmaceutical company, Xu determined that his IOS system based App should consist of mainly two segments: personal health regulating system and health condition warning system. Xu says: “the App allows the elderly to connect with their family members, providing updated health conditions of the elderly and whether they are taking their drugs on time.” After completed the warning system. Xu then constructed three components on the user page: health monitoring, medication plan, and warning system. For the medication plan block, it assists users to input drafted medication plan into daily schedules; then the system forwards warning notices to users, and users are required to make confirmation; if the users fail to take medications punctually, the system will automatically send a message to other family members who are connected to the user, or the elderly patient. For the health monitoring system block, it helps the user to input daily health condition statistics such as blood pressure and temperature into the system, which then automatically determines whether the elderly are in good health condition.

Right now, Xu is working on establishing connections with local communities and nearby hospitals. If anything happens to the elderly and their family members are not able to help in time. The App will automatically send an alarm to the local community or nearby hospitals.