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ST. PAUL, MN, January 29, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Global Air Charters is proud to provide the highest safety standards in the industry. We are Wyvern Wingman approved in addition to a new standard in safety- the LevelFlight Standard. We are proud to have been accepted as an operator that meets the requirements for the LevelFlight Standard. This safety solution goes above and beyond the current FAA Part 91 and Part 135 regulations to exceed safety standards.

LevelFlight is a real-time tool that assists in managing the ever-changing compliance and safety protocols in today’s aviation environment. The LevelFlight Standard is the only flight safety standard able to create a safe, efficient, and effective aviation department that complies with the recommendations set out not only by the FAA but also EASA, Transport Canada, and ICAO member states as well.

The LevelFlight Standard offers an entirely new way of looking at safety, compliance, and risk management within the business aviation and charter community. The system uses a proactive approach to risk management while at the same time using real-time company data to ensure regulatory compliance and enhanced safety awareness.

A Word from the GAC Team

Chief Pilot Michael Vanacore-Netz gave us a quick breakdown and his thoughts on the accomplishment. “The folks at Airline Cert had an excellent idea and vision when they announced the LevelFlight Standard. Taking a transparent and proactive approach to risk management, compliance, and safety is great, and many companies try to do this. However, where the LevelFlight Standard is different; is with its data collection tools. The ability for LevelFlight to collect pertinent and unique data specific to the aircraft operator and specific to each trip enhances the company’s situational awareness. Ensuring that they may make better and more informed decisions prior to aircraft dispatch.”

Director of Operations Paul Rodsjo spoke praises for the LevelFlight Standard when we spoke with him. “With this standard, GAC proves its commitment to its customers, to safety, reliability, and efficiency. What sets this program apart from the other audit and safety management firms in the industry is that the program grows with the company. They don’t try to take a one size fits all approach. Second, what I like about the LevelFlight Standard is the data we collect we keep, and we can use this to create a safer and efficient company. This benefit is something we never had before with a third-party auditing and safety management company.”

Global Air Charters continues to be a leader in safety and risk management by becoming compliant with the LevelFlight Standard. Global Air Charters completed its initial assessment and compliance checklists to join the LevelFlight Standard in January 2020.

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