The U.S. Department of State — Bureau of Consular Affairs’ available list of travel alerts and warnings exists to keep travelers and their families safe.

NEW YORK, NY, August 22, 2019 /Neptune100/ — August 2nd, a “Level 1” advisory for Estonia was activated, meaning travelers are encouraged to exercise above average caution when in public areas throughout this country to ensure their safety.

That same day, another advisory was issued in Uruguay, this time a “Level 2” warning. Travelers of this country should exercise increased caution, taking special care to watch out specifically for violent crimes, such as armed robberies, carjacking, and homicide.

August 5th, another “Level 1” advisory was issued, this time for Romania. Travelers should be aware that increased caution is recommended – though there are no immediate known threats at this time.

August 9th, a “Level 2” advisory was placed on the Kyrgyzstan Republic “due to civil unrest” and general concerns for the overall safety of foreign travelers.

As of August 14th, Hong Kong is official under a “Level 2” advisory due to an increase in frequent political demonstrations – some of which have ended in confrontation with the local authorities. Tear gas and other crowd control measures are likely to affect travelers of the area.

August 19th a “Level 2” advisory was issued for Burma (Myanmar), “due to areas of civil unrest and armed conflict.” However, many territories in Burma should be considered too dangerous to travel altogether, including those in Rakhine State, Chin State, Kachin State, Kayin State, and Shan State, to name a few.

Most recently, on August 20th, two “Level 2” advisories were issued for Cote d’lvoire and Ethiopia. Travelers are warned to exercise extreme caution in these areas. The northern border region of Cote d’lvoire and several territories in Ethiopia (near Somalia, Kenya, and Sudan), specifically, should be avoided at all cost.

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