Mouseflow today announced the launch of Live Heatmaps. The Live Heatmap is going to change the way businesses are using traditional web heat maps. Live Heatmaps has been on its way for the past nine (9) months.

AUSTIN, TX, January 28, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Modern website designs are no longer static like they used to be — interactive websites and Single Page Applications using a plethora of technologies, graphics, slide-out tables, expanding menus, and modal dialogs are the standard today. As you probably already know, this presents several problems for heat maps as they look and function today. This is where Mouseflows’ new Live Heatmaps are a huge leap forward in heatmap technology.

Live Heatmaps is designed to work as an overlay on your Live website, offering complete support for all dynamic elements – essentially showing the Mouseflow data on top of your site as it looks and works when you visit it live.

“Customers expect relevant and real-time analytics, which can be challenging to provide with the ever-evolving technology of website designs,” said Caspar Reece, Senior UX designer at Mouseflow. “Live Heatmaps is a way to leverage customer and product data to provide analytics representing a wide variety of viewpoints. It’s a place for companies to capture, organize, and share web visitor feedback for teams across sales, support, product, engineering, and more. Using a tool like Live Heatmaps to understand the customer (web) journey will ultimately improve customer experiences.”

Mouseflow Live Heatmaps includes all the dynamic elements:
– SPA’s (Single Page Applications)
– Drop Down Menus
– Lazy Load
– Revolution Sliders
– Iframes (which is a big limitation with current Heatmaps)
– Parallax Scrolling ( background images moving more slowly than images in the foreground)

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Founded in 2009, Mouseflow is a leading provider of quantitative website analytics. Mouseflow supports the optimization of customer conversion rates for web traffic managed by companies worldwide. Mouseflow facilitates session replay, heatmaps (click, movement, scroll, attention, and geography), funnels, form analytics, and user feedback, which helps their customers identify bottlenecks and improve conversion rates.

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