A scripture-based parenting guide encourages parents to plant spiritual seeds in the hearts of their children!

MAGNOLIA, TX, February 11, 2021 /Neptune100/ — Susan began writing “Raising Children with Your Heavenly Father” after reading Bruce H. Wilkinson’s “The Daily Walk Bible” several times. During her second reading, she started highlighting parenting scriptures, and on her third, Susan began transforming scripture into parenting lessons.

She has always had a passion for teaching children, and raised her own children using scripture, explaining that God wants them to be kind, loving, and forgiving.

When parents tell their children that God wants them to treat others as they would like to be treated, they are more prone to hear and obey. The name of God has clout with children, who innately revere Him. With time, planted spiritual seeds grow and mature, producing godly children who know right from wrong and live exemplary lives. Pray that your children will give the next generation a strong, spiritual heritage as well!

An engaging book that has already received glowing reviews from readers across the US, “Raising Children with Your Heavenly Father” gives parents the spiritual seeds they need to sow faith and hope. Susan Muns Parker shares hundreds of verses with practical applications for parents, teachers, and counselors. As a valuable resource, her book is filled with opportunity to raise godly children who walk with their Heavenly Father.

Proceeds from this book will be used to spread spiritual seeds around the world.


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