So’ Hum Grateful Journal becomes an international best seller on launch day

NEW YORK, NY, January 21, 2021 /Neptune100/ — On November 6th, 2020 Rovan Deon launched his new book “So’ Hum Grateful Journal” it Became a Best Seller.

Amazing Days Start With Gratitude: A 90 Day Guide To Create An Attitude of Gratitude in Only 5 Minutes A Day.

In a recent interview on Thriving Entrepreneur Radio, Rovan said, “One thing that I can say, is that what I can do in this moment is to be grateful. […] That’s how the journal was born. People are just going through so much, the country is now in healing, and this journal is just here to fill that void, for people to just really be at peace.”

Steve Kidd, the host said, “The beautiful words in this journal, and the space provided to make notes, create your own journey to gratefulness, it’s just what we all need right now. I encourage you to get this book today!”

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Rovan Deon is a Certified Hypnosis and Certified in NLP. A 2x International Best Seller for the books (You Already Have it …The Survival Guide to Life and So’Hum Grateful Journal). Rovan is also a Speaker, Educator, Training and Development Exper, Music Producer, Podcast Host, and Results Coach.

Considered as a Catalyst of Change Rovan Deon is the Chief Executive Officer of the brand The Results Now Group, an Educational, Training and Development Company.

Rovan Deon has worked with Entrepreneurs featured in Entrepreneurs Magazine, works with clients of the United Nations, Vice President to some of the world largest banks, Grammy Nominated Artists, Ghost Writers to celebrities and have achieved incredible results for coaches, brain surgeons, lawyers, radio personalities, Film Makers, Authors, Small Business Owners, Speech Writers to Presidents, Life Coaches and Mass Meditation Gurus just to name a few. He lives in New Jersey with his Wife Adele and daughter Jade.