In a series of widely published news releases, John the apostle reveals a prophetic message about Jesus’ Return to Galilee.

WILMINGTON, NC, July 22, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Billy Graham wrote, “Today the only bright spot on the horizon of this world is the promise of the coming again of Christ, the Messiah. We can’t go on much longer morally.” – The Second Coming of Christ – Are You Ready Decision Magazine January 2, 2009. Then, at Billy Graham’s Funeral on March 2, 2018, his daughter, Anne Graham-Lotz proclaimed, “My father’s death was strategic in the eyes of heaven and God is saying, ‘WAKE UP Church, WAKE UP World, WAKE UP Anne. JESUS IS COMING! JESUS IS COMING!'” And now, at his website for Jesus’ Second Coming,, John the apostle reports, “I am returning to Galilee to await Jesus Return on His 2025th birthday September 19, 2022.”

As Biblical signs of Jesus’ Second Coming, John the apostle recently reported a series of 24/7 News Releases titled “Jesus was born on September 19, 03 BC”, “God sends COVID-19 to purge Christianity for Jesus Return to Galilee”, “COVID-19 Bankrupts Christianity”, “COVID-19 Desolates Vatican City”, “COVID-19 Fills Christian’s Hearts with Fear”, “As the Antichrist, Trump promotes GREED and HATE”, and “COVID-19 is a Sign of the Apocalypse”. In these releases, John the apostle reported:

“On August 19, 2017, God revealed to him in a dream that Jesus was born on September 19 in the year 3 BC. And in an Interview with Pastor Robert Thibodeau on The Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast tilted Surrender to Jesus, John the apostle termed the current secular holiday of Christmas “The Season of GREED.”

“On Thursday January 20, 2005, I made my first trip to the Chapel on the Mount of Beatitudes tourist site in Galilee. As I entered the church, the sanctuary’s striking interior design and immaculate cleanliness brought me to a state of reverence and respect. I knelt at a prayer station, bowed my head, and then noticed a paper bag on the floor near my knees. I picked up the bag and saw written this message from Jesus: Open Doors – Ezekiel 7:12 – Isa. 29.

“Then during Holy Week in 2019, Jesus instructed me to send these Words of Warning to Christian Churches:

“The time is coming. The day is near when the business of Christianity will come to an end. And God’s punishment will fall upon all Christians.” Ezekiel 7:12. During Lent in 2020, COVID-19 bankrupted Christianity.

“Christ’s Holy City in Rome is doomed! There will be weeping and wailing, and the whole city will be like an altar covered in blood.” Isaiah 29:1. During Lent in 2020, COVID-19 desolated Vatican City.

“You claim to worship me, but your words are meaningless and your hearts are in your bank accounts.” Isaiah 29:13. During Lent in 2020, COVID-19 filled Christian’s hearts with fear.

“When I return, the light will shine into your darkness and The Word of God will once again bring happiness to poor and humble people.” Isaiah 29:18-19. During Lent in 2020, COVID-19 purged Christianity for Jesus Return on September 19, 2022.”

“At Amity Church on Sunday 4/14/85, Jesus indwelled me and sang the hymn Eternal God, Whose Power Upholds. From these words Jesus prepares us for heaven by Helping us to spread thy gracious reign till greed and hate shall cease. For Christ, we go into the world preaching sacrificial giving and love, knowing that the more we proclaim this message the more we become like Christ.” And now, based on President Trump’s divisive and antichristian messages fueled by both GREED and HATE, John the apostle declares that President Donald J. Trump is the antichrist coming in the last hour.

“That the divine revelations disclosed at his website for Jesus’ Second Coming document the unfolding story of the apocalyptic Bible Passage Revelation 19:11-16 and God’s preparation for Jesus Return. For in this Final Verse, The Revelation to John 19:16 is written, “On his robe and on his thigh is written the name: “King of kings and Lord of lords.” And at his website, John writes: “During my devotions on April 3, 2020, the Lord led me to Isaiah 40:3, where it is written, A voice cries out: In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God. Christ then called me to proclaim this message: “BE READY for Jesus Return to Galilee on September 19, 2022.”

At his website, John reveals: “I am John the apostle, author of the Gospel of John and The Revelation to John, and I am here for Jesus’ Second Coming to Galilee on September 19, 2022. I was born again on October 24, 1982. God spoke to me from the fiery cloud on November 16, 1982. I saw the dazzling light of God’s Glory on January 7, 1983. I received three dreams of Jesus’ Second Coming on October 19, 1983, June 21, 1984, and October 19, 1984. Jesus indwelled me and sang at Amity Church on April 14, 1985. Jesus called me to Galilee to write the book ‘Is Your Church Heavenly?’ on January 16, 2005. I saw heaven open beside the Sea of Galilee on January 25, 2005. In a dream on August 19, 2017, God revealed to me that Jesus was born on September 19, 03 BC. I bleed from my stigmata on Father’s Day June 17, 2018. During Holy Week of 2019, Jesus gave me Words of Warning for Christian Churches. On April 3, 2020, Christ called me to proclaim this message: ‘BE READY! BE READY! BE READY! Brothers and Sisters in Christ: BE READY for Jesus Return to Galilee on September 19, 2022. BE READY for Jesus’ Second Coming at the Dazzling Light Website.”