An unbelievable story of perseverance through some of the most difficult times imaginable is helping thousands of readers overcome their own struggles. A truly must-read inspirational story.

LAKELAND, FL, February 08, 2021 /Neptune100/ — Before playing in the National Football League (NFL) and his BCS National Championship days at Florida State University (FSU), Freddie Stevenson had to overcome some extreme circumstances simply to survive. A tough upbringing leading to poverty and even homelessness were just some of the obstacles that challenged Freddie mentally, physically, and spiritually throughout his childhood and adolescence. After facing his demons and the past that nearly brought his life to an end on multiple occasions, Freddie emerged with a newfound respect for life and a positive attitude that he is now helping instill onto others.

Trials to Triumph is a book directly written by Freddie that details his life’s obstacles, the adversity he faced throughout all the hardships that came his way, and the perseverance he discovered after making it through it all. Freddie has told his story to a plethora of audiences, including sharing his story at schools, prisons, and youth groups. He has already inspired thousands of people facing their own challenges and aims to continue to motivate and inspire as many people as he can through telling his own personal story of triumph. Trials to Triumph has already sold thousands of copies and is featured on sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Nobles, and Books-A-Million.