Bravenly Global opens doors for pre-launch as a social marketing company to offer a trio of original wellness products plus an income-building opportunity.

TAMPA, FL, February 09, 2021 /Neptune100/ — Bravenly Global is a new social marketing company that offers a trio of wellness products with multiple health benefits. Bravenly also offers an income-building opportunity for those who help the company attract new customers. Bravenly Global was founded by husband and wife, Brent and Aspen Emry, with a mission to “set people up to win in a way that embodies courage and integrity to make a lasting impact.”

Bravenly’s initial product line features three wellness products known as “The Breakthrough Bundle” They are named Balance, Gold and Burn. Bravenly™ BALANCE is a comprehensive and supportive supplement. This beverage is formulated with over 50 carefully selected ingredients that make up 9 powerful blends for high potency and bioavailability. Bravenly™ GOLD was intentionally designed to crush your hunger cravings, boost fat loss, and support a healthy defensive immunity. There’s a whole latte love about this powerhouse powder! Bravenly™ BURN is a capsuled proprietary formulation is may stimulate your metabolism and optimize your immunity, energy, digestion, and blood sugar levels.

Bravenly’s products are complemented by their revolutionary Breakthrough Program. This 30-day program gives you a realistic approach to healthy eating by fueling your body with natural energy, enhances weight management by taking our products, and helps you create the best version of you from the inside out. “The Breakthrough Program expresses our commitment to make Bravenly more like a supportive family than a traditional direct selling company.”

Founder Aspen Emry said: “What sets Bravenly Global apart as a business opportunity is its family-oriented culture. No one in Bravenly is ever ‘just a number.’ You will know that you are valued and appreciated for who you are. With Bravenly, direct selling is a collaborative adventure: friends help friends succeed.”

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