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SACRAMENTO, CA, July 26, 2019 /Neptune100/ — The memoir series titled, I Remember Heaven Before Earth is catching quite a buzz as the memoir series sheds profound explanations for the root cause in the troubling delay of the prosecution of the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer case. The author Lori “Cleopatra” Vander Ark-DeBartolo explains in detail the root cause of Joseph James DeAngelo’s trial delays. Such baffling trial delays that have puzzled many following the Golden State Killer case. The author has recently launched a blog and website aside from her Amazon Author Pages blog, the newly launched website https// is where curious readers can purchase volume one in the series. The much talked about volume one is also made available at Barnes & Noble and bookstores.

The book author and profound thought leader best known for her quote, “DNA does not lie, detectives do,” has brought forth stunning evidence and facts. “The race is against time before the next victims meet a violent end,” as the author explains in great detail that her older non-biological brother is a non-apprehended serial killer, as were and are many within the family she was adopted into in 1970. The author explains that her older brother began targeting and murdering happy, beautiful, wholesome, middle-class society women and couples in California, beginning around 1978 when he joined the CIA as a sub-contractor, such information she learned of while growing-up in her adoptive family. Ric Vander Ark’s retaliatory rapes first gained notice by Sacramento citizens and newspapers when Ric directed his anger and sadistic revenge towards the Air Force officers when Ric began Sacramento home invasions, tying up the officer and his wife and in the intimacy of the bedroom, raping the woman and humiliating the couple to the point of terrorizing fear they might both die if they do not do what Ric demanded of them both, which escalated, not began, but escalated when he was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force in Sacramento around 1975. In 1975, Dave and Mike Vander Ark joined their biological slightly older brother Ric in Sacramento. Mike VA returned back to Jenison, Michigan in 1977, Dave VA returned back to Jenison, Michigan in 1980. Around 1979-1980 the young author at the tender and impressionable age of 9 or 10 years old, went into her adoptive mother Cindy’s bedroom and opened the jewelry box stuffed full of all of the stolen jewelry from California and unknowingly handled the stolen items, playing dress-up as girls do at that age. The young author unknowingly touched and put on many of the items, the pure gold and ruby ring slid on perfectly, a copper, gold and silver braided necklace or bracelet. Then, the items were gone one day, the drawers of the jewelry box almost bare. What happened? According to the author, her mother Cindy told her Ric took all the items back to California with him.

Within years of “Ric, the leader in the pack” of home invasions and rapes, around 1977-1978, Ric escalated to murder just shortly after his first marriage, a marriage to perfect Marcy that lasted only 3 months, a family secret, family gossip back in 1980. The author describes Marcy as perfect. Ric’s bloody retaliatory anger would pivot towards happy, bubbly, wholesome, beautiful women, girls, couples, a central theme transference of axis feelings when Marcy left him, divorced him from a distance in 1978, he would experience again and again as a serial killer, having the last action, the one in control of the situation, the upper-hand in “the end,” when he decides it is the end. If he has the time he will bludgeon to death and spend time with the deceased corpse, according to family gossip. If Ric does not have time when he decides to murder, he will shoot a gun to end the life of a targeted person or couple in his retaliatory hobby murders, according to family gossip.

Martin Stob, Ric’s maternal grandfather on Cindy’s side, her father Martin Stob, in essence, through the Stob DNA bloodline, created 4th generational serial killers, as both of Ric’s natural sons, Jon VA and Matt VA are non-apprehended serial killers traveling America and Canada and who knows where else. Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel is an 85-year old non-apprehended serial killer, first killing her young brother David in the 1930s out of her jealousy over how her mother Teresa Stob doted on young David, the first-born boy. Cindy’s killing made headlines in The Grand Rapids Press (Michigan) when she was just a child! Then Cindy began kidnapping babies for the CIA in a covert 1960s-1970s CIA intelligence project, which had nothing to do with being patriotic, her actions were about criminally getting away with crimes and not being charged criminally for her actions, she was allowed to murder babies or let them die on their own, the babies that did not pass the CIA intelligence testing program of that era in time. From 1979-1985 Cindy worked as an LPN nurse at Blodgett Hospital, Cindy was accused by her female superior in 1985 of murdering over 50 hospital patients that where expected to recover! The Grand Rapids Police were called up to the hospital in 1985, interviewed Cindy, and felt there was not enough evidence, Cindy was never charged! Cindy went on to commit more unassuming compulsion style murders! Murders she would brag about in smug confidence!

In the 1990s and 2000s the author would learn more and more dark secrets through the CIA contacts that began re-emerging into her adult life, along with her adoptive mother Cindy and Ric’s 2nd wife Lori Kay Sudengay-Vander Ark, she learned secrets. In 2002, as an adult, the author claims she began contacting the FBI (in person) and since then has completed over 104 FBI online Submit-A-Tip (in English), as well as numerous phone calls placed and received to the FBI’s major crime tip-line. The author explains the cozy relationship the FBI has with the CIA for decades now, could in fact, be an expression of values, the slow response of the FBI to investigate the author’s non-biological older brothers in relation to any criminal matters. In 1986, her older brother Ric VA listed his San Jose house with a real estate agent and sold his ranch style residence in Silicon Valley, moving out of San Jose, California, moving further north to Mt. Vernon, Washington with his new bride and young children Jon VA and Matt VA, in whereas, Ric VA began murdering in British Columbia and traveling America as a chronic killer. Family secrets the FBI is not too interested in pursuing, nor the gathering of DNA of Ric and Dave Vander Ark placed perhaps into a national crime DNA data bank for testing. The author has made it very clear that the innocent lives lost are not from CIA ordered hits, but rather explains her older brother has a compulsion to kill, just as others in her adoptive family possess and exercised “murder compulsions,” hobby murders. The author is a leader in making others aware of the need to have prosecutors publicly post evidence when an arrest is made, including publicly posting DNA matches to crime scenes and relation DNA, such as the suspects sibling or children’s DNA to ensure the correct suspect is caught and caged. Failing to capture the correct criminals in any felony case is incompetent, reckless, extremely unsafe, and horrifically disastrous on so many levels.

The author sheds light on the possible true identity of the notorious Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run and several of his psychopath descendants, many of whom have also eluded being apprehended, many of whom became serial killers. The gripping chapters showcase new light on famous murder cases, including the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer cases. The memoir series takes a critical and often cynical perspective on such people and others that have entered the author’s life at some point with their depicted camouflaged existence that the author in turn exposes with her mere words. The author divulges to those seeking information about the real, the dark, and the unusual. Bringing to light edgy true crime cases from a not so impersonal angle, as the author has known the criminals on a familial basis. Such criminals of notorious cold case murder files that have rocked America and Canada. The author writes what many detectives have not brought out into the open about many cold cases that have received national and world attention. The author writes from the perspective of knowing the non-apprehended criminals within her adoptive family. Displaying her courage and tenacious spirit, the author bravely wrote the avant-garde. Serious breakthrough reveals that invoke critical thinking woven into a very compelling set of stories. The author would best describe herself as a “thought leader” and her memoir series in the exact groundbreaking genre of; “big think non-fiction.”

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Source: Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo