Therapist and body image specialist shares her experience to help others find their innate body wisdom

NORTH PALM BEACH, FL, April 07, 2021 /Neptune100/ — That women struggle with their body image and, as a result, how they feel about themselves is an understatement. Ilene Leshinsky knows this all too well. Growing up a “fat girl” in the 1950s, she was reminded daily about the size of her body and about how much she ate. Leshinsky battled with her fluctuating body size for the first half of her life, with swings from highly restrictive eating to compulsive overeating.

In 1992, after decades of personal struggles with body image, weight, and her relationship with food, Leshinsky had an epiphany that sparked a transformation. She quit dieting, embraced intuitive eating, and developed her Find Body Freedom program to help other women find their body freedom.

A psychotherapist and body image specialist, Leshinsky chronicled the lives of women in a monthly column from 2009 to 2016. She has organized her most valuable lessons into “Reflections of a Fat Girl: Wisdom Lost and Found from Growing Up Overweight.” Full of wit and wisdom, Leshinsky explores the complexity of women, their multiple roles, careers, relationships, life stages, and the cultural container in which they live.

At the heart “Reflections of a Fat Girl” is the child, teen, and young woman who taught herself to honor her body and, most importantly, love herself. Leshinsky’s mission in writing “Reflections of A Fat Girl” was to help others learn from her experience and their way to innate body wisdom.

Review copies available upon request.

General Information
Reflections of a Fat Girl: Wisdom Lost and Found from Growing Up Overweight is available for purchase now via the author’s website: The book is published by Altimese Nichole Enterprise, LLC; ISBN: 978-1-7324115-6-2.

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About the Author
Ilene Leshinsky is the founder and creator of Find Body Freedom (formerly BodySense), a program for women who want to change their relationship with their bodies. For twenty-eight years, Ilene has practiced as a psychotherapist and body image specialist in New York, Massachusetts and other areas online throughout the United States. She works with women of all ages who want to love their bodies and eat with joy.

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