A children’s book reading YouTube channel. Jukie brings stories to life in a fun and imaginative way for kids.

LAGUNA WOODS, CA, September 15, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Jukie, your YouTube Channel: “Time To Tell A Tale” is so cute. You have an amazing way of putting a video production together from the Children’s Books you showcase.

How did you come up with the idea to act out the stories? I have always had very strong emotions towards the fact that there are so many YouTube channels and videos out there that kids are watching that are terrible for kids. No matter what, kids are going to be watching YouTube videos. Children sometimes need a distraction from their parents, and a lot of parents use YouTube videos or cartoons to achieve this. I have always wished for YouTube channels that are educational and healthy for kids to watch.

I actually was taking a class in college at the time that taught us about children’s literature, and how to read and tell stories to children in an engaging way. I enjoyed that class so much and felt so much in my element! And I didn’t even care that I was making a complete fool out of myself in front of thirty college students that were only taking the class because they had to. I wanted to take what I had learned in that class and apply it. That’s when I decided to start my YouTube channel.

I am also very passionate about kids that have learning disabilities or who have trouble with reading, because I was one of those kids. I was very behind in my reading, when I was in elementary school and it took a lot of years and resources to help me get to my grade level. If I could help and encourage kids out there to read, that would be absolutely amazing.

Do you have an acting background? I did acting on the stage when I was in high school and college, and also some professional acting as well. My major in college was actually originally Musical Theatre. It wasn’t the major I graduated in, but I still love acting.

You seem to also have a lot of technical skills to put your videos together. Can you tell us how you learned to do all of that too? I give all the credit of my editing skills to my boyfriend, Matthew. He edited my first 12 or 13 videos, before he taught me how to do everything. I loved the way he edited my videos. They were so creative and hilarious, I like to try to keep my editing style the same as if he was editing. Now, I only need his assistance every once in a while if I need help with green screen effects or whatnot.

You’re really a production company the way you put everything together – costuming, splicing the video together with special effects, acting the story out, the music. You are very talented. That’s so kind of you! I just try my best to bring stories to life as best as I can for kids.

What are your goals for your business’s future? I want to someday turn “Time to Tell a Tale” into my full time job/career. Turning what I love to do into my career, and being able to support a family, would be an absolute dream come true. And someday (maybe) I would love to be able to turn my YouTube channel into a live show for kids! That would be an absolute dream.

In order for an author to have their book considered for a reading, how should they get a hold of you? I prefer if they email me at [email protected]. They could also message me on my instagram (@timetotellatale), but it might take me a couple days to respond.

Do you have any special kids in your life that inspire you for “Time to Tell a Tale?” I don’t have any of my own kids yet, and young family members are a little bit too young for my channel right now. I just strive to give kids, parents and teachers a fun outlet for kids education that encourages reading.

Please share anything else about yourself that you’d like us to know about you. As I continue with “Time to Tell a Tale,” the ideas I have for my channel are unlimited. I love telling stories, and I will always tell stories, but I’ll be doing other things as well. So keep an eye out! There are awesome things coming!

I work as a kids party and event entertainer where I dress up like princesses and other kids characters and do activities and play games with kids. I also do balloon animals and face painting (which I like to incorporate in my videos here and there).

I am also in an all female drumming and dancing company called Tropicaleiza. I have been in this company since 2014, and it is such an amazing part of my life. I would love to be able to someday combine aspects of Tropicaleiza with “Time to Tell a Tale.” I don’t know how in the world I would do this, but you never know.

Jukie, you are amazing! You were given some great and unique talents in life! Thank you for letting me interview you. Don’t miss Jukie’s very cute and funny reading of my Children’s book: A Christmas Love Story: Nicholas Nutcracker & Brittany Ballerina on September 23, 2020. The OC Children’s Book Festival is a free, virtual event this year. It starts tomorrow for two solid weeks of great entertainment. There is a guidebook you can download so you don’t miss any fun activities for your kids.

Additional Information from Maureen McCabe, Interviewer:

Jukie Davie of “Time To Tell A Tale” put together a humorous and entertaining video reading of “A Christmas Love Story: Nicholas Nutcracker & Brittany Ballerina” for the OC Children’s Book Festival. And, whether a person is seven or eighty-seven, who doesn’t love a love story, and a Christmas story at that!

For Christmas gift giving, the recently published children’s book, “A Christmas Love Story: Nicholas Nutcracker & Brittany Ballerina”, will be part of the fun-filled Orange County Children’s Book Festival during the Story and Activity Time on September 23rd. The event is virtual this year. The festival runs from September 14th through September 26th. Registration is free. Download a Festival Guide Viewbook to not miss any cool events (for kids through young adults.)