Vellum Publishing, Inc. announces the release of a new Blackstone musical audiobook: DRAGULA: A Transgender Tale, with a “tolerance for all” theme that offers support for all those in the LGBTQIA+ movement.

ROUND TOP, NY, September 11, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The DRAGULA musical audiobook is a tale filled with sensitivity to personal struggle; raucous, bawdy humor; and musical entertainment. Peter, a vulnerable young man, makes the decision to transition, becoming the gender and human being he was meant to be. However, the Right Reverend Bobby Swagger is determined to prove by whatever means necessary that Peter’s lifestyle and entertainment choices as the drag performer Dragula are sinful and wrong. Finally, Peter finds the courage to take an uncompromising stand against bigotry, proving that it’s all right to be true to yourself, no matter what lifestyle you choose.

According to audiobook multi-award nominated performer and writer, John Arthur Long, DRAGULA, A Transgender Tale, conveys a message that is clearly and uncompromisingly stated by the main character: “Bigotry, the inability to tolerate the differences in others, is one of the great flaws of our society!” Moreover, the audiobook narrator states that when presenting entertainment that represents individuals of the LGBTQIA+ community, he has endeavored to be sensitive to the courage these individuals have shown and empathetic to what they have endured by living in a manner that allows them to be true to themselves. Vellum Publishing notes that a rave review from supported the author’s words when it wrote that DRAGULA was “…Fantastically hilarious, entertaining, and still made a statement about who may be truly different in a heterosexual…dominated world.”

A series of six videos by the author covering all aspects of DRAGULA: A Transgender Tale audiobook can be found on YouTube. To schedule interviews or personal appearances with Mr. Long, contact Sherri Rosen Publicity in New York @ (917) 699-1284. For more information about this new audiobook and all books on the Vellum Publishing, Inc. shelf, go to

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