Cleaning Company Leader Offers Pioneering Technology to Customers Throughout New England

WESTBOROUGH, MA, March 02, 2021 /Neptune100/ — All Pro Cleaning Systems, a leading commercial cleaning company announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with PRO-Techs USA, a provider of antimicrobial surface protection. PRO-Techs is an EPA-approved nanotechnology that creates a barrier shield with a 99.9% effectiveness in preventing the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. PRO-Techs provides long-lasting antimicrobial protection on porous and non-porous surfaces, with a durability of up to 90-days.

All Pro Cleaning Systems of New England is located in Westborough, MA.

All Pro will be deploying PRO-Techs as part of its long lasting surface protection protocol. This innovative, five-step protection program pairs its existing cleaning and disinfection protocols with PRO-Techs for active 90-day germ protection as detailed in this video

“Our customers are constantly being challenged by the fact that standard cleaning practices in high-traffic areas only offer temporary disinfection without long-term residual protection. That means microorganisms can rapidly multiply once surfaces are touched. As businesses and organizations search for a solution to create clean, safe, and healthy environments, we sought out the very best solutions and are thrilled to partner with PRO-Techs.

“We specifically developed our All Pro Shield program to help our customers provide maximum level disinfection and protection for up to 90 days. The program includes bench marking the microorganisms’ level, an electrostatic spray of disinfectant for maximum coverage, and antimicrobial protection for long-lasting results. ATP luminometer testing validates the program results, and All Pro provides certification of the All Pro Shield performance for display to customers,” All Pro Cleaning Systems Owner & President Bryan Grenon explains.

“PRO-Techs is delighted to partner with All Pro Cleaning Systems as a certified specialized applicator in New England,” said Christopher Esposito, representative of PRO-Techs. “Having witnessed their dedication in creating clean, safe, and healthy environments for their commercial customers, we are confident that All Pro will expand the ultimate surface-level protection to the community.”

About All Pro Cleaning Systems

All Pro Cleaning Systems has served the New England region for over 25 years. The company offers elite cleaning and disinfection services applied by their industry certified professionals who take great pride in their work. Each client location is under close supervision by an assigned Operations Manager and on-site Account Supervisor as well as being supported by their internal Customer Care Team. All Pro Cleaning Systems provides services 365/24/7 and can be reached at (508) 616-8700 / [email protected] or visit them on the web at for more information.

About PRO-Techs

PRO-Techs is a breakthrough EPA-approved, instant and lasting antimicrobial surface protection nanotechnology that works 24/7 in creating a barrier shield that has a 99.9% effectiveness in preventing the growth of germs and microorganisms on both porous and non-porous surfaces, with a durability of up to 90-days.

PRO-Techs Technology is an environmentally GREEN water-based surface coating that is non-toxic, non-leaching, non-allergenic, non-irritating, odorless, colorless, and safe for use around children and pets. PRO-Techs is registered under the EPA with approval for use on food surface contact. Visit for more information.