Regional Emerging Dental DSO Company, Primadent poised for fast growth in the South Jersey Area, under the leadership of founder, Dr. James M. Wiener, DMD

CHERRY HILL, NJ, May 26, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Primadent, A Premiere Dental DSO located in South Jersey, led by founder/ owner, Dr. James Wiener, DMD, is actively expanding their business through acquisitions in the South Jersey Market. At present, the company has 5 locations and will be adding on an additional 2 more this year. Their goal is to aggressively grow and have 10-20 locations in a 2-3 year period and become a mid sized DSO company in the New Jersey market.

“The marketplace is changing now and there are a lot of dentists selling their offices and there are a lot of staff out there looking for employment, so the KPI’s line up perfectly with our vision,” states founder, Dr James Wiener. In fact, through this pandemic which has kept all his locations closed, Wiener has been working at a feverish pace full time, to on board new locations and staff, especially dentists. “You really need to have a handle on the dental market and figure out exactly what’s going on, and capitalize on the trends,” he says.

Dr Wiener started his company in 2000 with a vision and a business plan. Twenty years in and with an unrivaled work ethic, he has built his dental company to 5 locations , with over 40 employees and 9 dentists. The company plans to emerge as a mid sized dental DSO in the marketplace in a defined period of time. Recently, he has recently taken on the role as CEO and Chief Clinical Director of the company. He works 80 hours plus/week, never takes any days off, and is fully focused on building his empire.

Primadent has created a unique feature that separates them from the competition and enables them to excel in the dental marketplace. It is the Ultimate Patient Experience, that takes each patient on personalized journey throughout the dental treatment process. This begins with the initial phone call and continues from first visit to the actual dental treatment and exit. They make this an exceptional experience to ensure patient retention. Primadent also has excellent internal marketing programs, that include their own in house dental discount plan, Share A Smile Cards and Primadent Gift Cards for VIP patients. They simply provide a total encompassing experience unrivaled in the marketplace.

“We have built a very strong culture within our company with patients and staff, which accounts for a lot of our success. I grew up middle class and always had a job when I was young, and always hustled to make a buck. Even now that I’m older, I still maintain the strong work ethic and our cultural values remain the same, which is a big driver for the company. Culture and revenues go hand in hand. And success comes with hard work and perseverance, and by being honest and taking care of your people,” states Dr Wiener.

This emerging dental company sees wonderful things ahead in the near future, as they come out of the Covid 19 experience. Primadent is poised for fast growth and success, and they are a company to definitely watch in the South Jersey area.

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