ODE Holdings, Inc. Partners with Macrocomm to provide next-generation Data Privacy and compliance solutions

TEMPE, AZ, February 10, 2021 /Neptune100/ — Open Data Economy (ODE) signed an agreement with South Africa’s Macrocomm to deliver solutions to key partners in the Sub-Saharan region. They will provide the ODE Infinity platform to the Major Telecommunication network operators, large organizations in Financial Services, Healthcare, and State-owned enterprises as well as public sector organizations who are seeking to add value to their consumers by offering highly reliable compliance, data privacy, and monetization options for their data.

Data is becoming the currency of the modern economy. The use and abundance of Data have arguably contributed to its status as a valuable commodity. ODE (Open Data Economy) recently recognized as the Top 30 most innovative companies of 2020 by CIO Bulletin, is a revolutionary startup that is building a more equitable data economy for all, bringing digital data ownership and privacy back to individuals while enabling lean data science and organic compliance to enterprises.

The partnership with Macrocomm, a leading technology and IoT company in South Africa, helps organizations address critical technological challenges through a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. In 2020, South Africa enacted protection of consumers’ personal information and with the increasing consumer concerns over privacy, the demand for an ODE Infinity platform is escalating.

In South Africa where privacy leaks have led to high numbers of identity thefts and even other crimes, protecting privacy is becoming vital. The ability to place control of data back into the rightful owners’ hands is the main reason that Macrocomm has selected ODE and will bundle the app into their offering to their large enterprise customers.

“It is clear that South African citizens will benefit tremendously from the ODE solution as privacy protection is crucial in our developing economy. Right now, people live under the illusion of privacy, when in fact everything you do in the digital world is being monitored for commercial gain. The deployment of the ODE solution will help with the adoption of digital and IoT solutions, to deal with the new normal brought about by the Covid19 pandemic, by providing confidence to consumers that their personal data is protected. We want to give the consumers control of what they share and then get paid for sharing it. ODE makes good sense to us,” said Sivi Moodley, Group CEO, Macrocomm.

ODE Holdings, Inc., founded by Sashi Edupuganti in 2019 to create a new “Future of Consumer Data”. ODE’s mission is to create a balanced and ethical data ecosystem where data is shared and used by trusted organizations around the world. We are building the world’s first vertically integrated and balanced consumer data ecosystem where consumers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises are able to create, protect and liberate consumer data based on a core set of ethical and technical principles. Consumers benefit by securing and monetizing their data and organizations benefit by being able to comply easily with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and other emerging regulatory requirements so they can focus on building their customers’ trust. Headquartered in Tempe, AZ, ODE has a global footprint with offices in Connecticut, India, and South Africa.

At the heart, ODE is an engineering organization founded by proven, passionate, and successful leaders from Finance, Media, and High-tech. “With our acquisition last summer of Datacoup assets, a pioneer in consumer data monetization, ODE Holding Inc. is strengthening the fabric of data privacy,” says ODE CEO Sashi Edupuganti. “At ODE we use state-of-the-art and emerging technologies including Blockchain distributed ledger, AI (artificial intelligence), and ML (machine learning) to enable data to be used without actually sharing it. Data ownership returns to its rightful owners. We are starting a data revolution.”

For inquiries, please visit ODE at www.odeinfinity.com.

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