SB Capital Management Inc., prominent multi-national investment firm, will be introducing their new SBCoin this summer with an ICO and exciting rollout. Full implementation into every day life with the SB Debit Card is only the beginning.

NEW YORK, NY, June 05, 2020 /Neptune100/ — You’ve probably heard the terms cryptocurrency and blockchain a million times in the last few years. Maybe you’ve even looked into it and decided it wasn’t for you. Probably too confusing to understand, right? Well, you wouldn’t be alone in that case. Many people still don’t really know what cryptocurrency is, let alone how it works. That’s why it was such a landmark event in 2017 when Bitcoin (“BTC”) skyrocketed to nearly $20,000 (yes, you read that correctly) per coin. Considering people were accumulating it for less than a dollar only years earlier, it became big news and made headlines and many people millionaires, even billionaires, in the process. The investors who made out the best were the ones who took the time to understand it early on, and realize that cryptocurrency could very well be the wave of the future.

That was Bitcoin, though. It was also three years ago, which—in the world of finance—is an eternity. Things have changed a lot since then; Bitcoin has price-corrected to half its peak value; our economy has been shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic and the future of the dollar is certainly up for debate. SB Capital Management Inc., one of America’s most prominent billion-dollar investment firms, has been weighing all of these factors one by one, and in 2018 they asked themselves: What if there were a solution that allowed users to spend cryptocurrencies as easily as cash, but without the need to juggle wallets or employ third-party conversion services? What is the solution was as simple as swiping a card?

Enter: SBCoin. Perhaps the most fully integrated, forward-thinking cryptocurrency concept ever.

SB Coin (“SBC”) is taking cryptocurrency to its next logical level. This is a fully private, secure, fast, and decentralized monetary system. Decentralized is probably one of those words that has turned you off in the past. You may have even written it off to a crypto buzz word that will never affect you. But it’s simple: In this context, decentralized means that a currency operates without a central authority, like banks, government, and so forth. Decentralized exchanges allow true peer-to-peer trading with no intermediary, or middle-man. With SB Management’s exclusive cryptocurrency, SBC, it’s not bank managers, politicians or government workers who determine your financial freedom and capabilities—it’s you.

In an effort to not only eschew bank control over personal finances, SB Capital Management Inc. also aims to consolidate its investment ecosystem for clients by creating a liquid, self-reliant system where each coin holder is his or her own bank… now that’s financial freedom!

So, why would someone choose SBC over good, ol’ fashioned, reliable dollars?

The answer to that question could go on forever, but we’ll boil it down for you. A common misconception is that if you “go crypto” you’re surrendering all of your fiat currency to a bottomless pit of 1s and 0s. Far from it! Think of cryptocurrency as stock you can invest in more flexibly, but also use for everyday transactions like buying a quart of milk from the corner store, or a pair of shoes on the internet. The SBC Ecosystem aims to make crypto as easy to use and understand as fiat currency. Users are able to send, spend, store, and exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies through secure web wallets, physical debit cards, and merchant payment terminals. Or, to put it another way: SBCoin wants to make cryptocurrency exactly like the world of dollars and cents you’re already used to, except with more security, more anonymity, less regulations, and less institutional interference.

To that end, SB Capital will be rolling out the exclusive SBCoin Debit Card, where users can load their favorite cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and of course SBCoin. The investment firm feels that the physical debit card format is not only recognizable, but easily utilized by people everywhere.

“The debit card is synonymous with transactional spending worldwide,” explains Levi Russell, Co-Founder and President of SB Capital Management Inc. “By moving your cryptocurrency from a virtual wallet or location to the SBC Debit Card people will feel more at home with this new, superior way of doing things. It’s a physical card you can keep in your actual wallet and spend in millions of online and offline stores worldwide.”

SB Capital believes there is an infinite upside for the use of blockchain technology in every day life, and they want to stake their claim at the forefront of this financial revolution. Many would agree that they are the perfect financial institution to finally accomplish this. With their exemplary record of client satisfaction, investment savvy and international experience, a global currency makes perfect sense for SB Capital. Add to that their spare-no-expense, all-star team of tech experts behind SBC and it’s undeniably a winning combination.

CEO of SB Capital Management Inc., Nguyen Van Anh says: “Blockchain technology has eliminated third parties and is facilitating a paradigm shift toward a more secure, transparent, and decentralized banking system that firmly places control back into the hands of the users, where it belongs!” On the long-term viability and upside potential of SBCoin, Mr. Nguyen says, “We feel that SBCoin could very well end up being the ultimate cryptocurrency if it gets the widespread consumer support we expect. SB Capital is known for setting the trends, not following them, so when it comes to crypto we want to be the team who finally builds a bridge. Financially, that bridge connects the virtual world online to the physical world all around us.”

SB Capital Management Inc. is planning a July 2020 ICO (“initial coin offering”), which will help the firm raise cash for the development of new blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Unlike the more traditional IPO (“initial public offering”) rather than issuing shares of ownership, digital tokens, or coins, are offered. Three billion (3,000,000,000) SBCoins are being sold in a four-step process wherein a coin’s initial $1.00 value is increased by one dollar for each early-access phase of the process, ultimately reaching its open market, or exchange, price of $5.00. SBC wallets will be offered on desktop (via Linux, Windows, and Mac), web wallet (, and mobile wallet (Android App, iOS App). Wallet apps are designed with trustworthiness and maximum security in mind. SB Wallet also connects with many banks in the world including, but not limited to, the United States, Asia, United Kingdom, and Europe. This means that the coin can be converted to cash as needed by the card holder. With this level of flexibility, SB Capital is truly going above and beyond to offer all the benefits of fiat currency without any of the drawbacks.

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