Water and Shark (W&S) were named in The top 10 Rising Consultants Start-ups to Watch In 2018 by business magazine Insight Success and awarded as Best Tax & Accountancy Firm rising globally 2018 by ABP News.

DUBAI, UAE, October 02, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Global CEO CA Dr. Harsh Patel has been successful in flourishing the business in India, USA, UK, Singapore, and Canada, has several feathers on his hat and has been awarded the Pride of Maharashtra Award – Exemplary Leader Award for Corporate Excellence by World HRD Congress. With its entry into the UAE, Water and Shark will strive to strengthen the Indo-UAE commercial bonds henceforth and provide a global platform for entrepreneurs to connect and develop new innovations.

Global Entrepreneurs often find it difficult to incorporate their business in foreign countries. However, due to Mr. Patel’s efforts in bringing Water and Shark under a global purview, the recent collaboration will assure the company’s services to global clients in the UAE.

Water and Shark’s new firm launched on the 24th of August, 2019 the same day our PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji joined hands with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of UAE for the Indian-UAE strategic partnership.

CA Harsh Patel on opening relations with UAE in an interview stated that UAE is a regional hub for start-ups and innovation. Due to its wide range of opportunities UAE has become a second home for Indian CA’s as well as Indian Entrepreneurs. The year 2018 witnessed an inflow of around USD$69 billion in the form of remittances as the UAE serves as an abode for more than 3 million Indian citizens.

Further, India has become one of the UAE’s largest trade partners with bilateral trade amounting to over USD 60 billion with annual growth topping 20 percent and it will likely cross $100 billion by 2020. India’s exports to the UAE have increased by 7% to US$30.13 billion, whereas the UAE’s exports to India surged by 37% to reach US$29.78 billion.

The relation of India is not only economical but is also becoming cultural as well. Both countries respect each other’s festivals. 2019 also saw our PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji being awarded the Zayed Medal which is regarded as the Highest Civilian Honor in the UAE.

UAE today is featured amongst India’s top ten investors, with FDI of approximately $5.33 billion which spread across the sectors such as, service sector, power sector, tourism sector, air freight, and real estate sector. Water and Shark is one of the first CA firms to establish cross-border connections with the UAE and hopes to contribute more towards future investments.

CA Dr. Harsh Patel brings the company’s motto forward with the new relationship established with the UAE. Water and Shark “provides solutions and unlocks opportunities” on a global level, and with this collaboration, the company will set forth the values of harmony, peace, and love with its clients in the UAE.

“Membership with Water AND Shark will help us to improve our international service skills so we can better serve our clients in U.A.E.” – Saurabh Kiri (Managing Partner- UAE)

By working closely with clients in the UAE, the company will work towards providing immediate results to different levels of queries and developing strategies as per customers’ needs.

“We are looking forward to providing world-class services to our clients by understanding their business difficulties and providing the most appropriate solutions.” – Suraj Khatri (CEO – UAE)

CA Dr. Harsh Patel wishes to bring more Indian professional firms into the limelight, and this new collaboration with the UAE is just the beginning of a lifelong friendship between the two countries.We are hopeful that other Indian firms would set up their businesses in the UAE, and vice-versa which would only propagate promising relationships for both the communities professionally.

WATER AND SHARK (WAS) is an association of Independent Professional firms comprising of Chartered Accountants, CPA’s and other professional consulting firms. Our members value Excellence, Professionalism and Teamwork. Our goal is to constantly achieve best interest of our clients with utmost integrity.

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