NEW YORK, NY, October 01, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Coach Victor Rogers is the founder of the DB Lab, specialized in elite training some of the very best athletes. The goal of the DB Lab is to lay the groundwork for athletes to advance to collegiate and professional careers. Coach Vic’s talent as a coach has gotten him featured on some of the biggest sports shows such as the ESPN show Draft Academy, Wealthy Investor Podcast, and the Ike and Rome Sports Radio Show.

Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Coach Vic is widely renowned for his passionate, and effective teaching style. In 2009, Coach Vic bought a $200, one way ticket to California to pursue a professional career in the NFL. After succeeding in tryouts, he chose to instead focus on his coaching career and built a team of some of the best staff and coaches in the game. As a dual-sport athlete and proud McNeese State University alum, he applies his vast knowledge of the game to each athlete he trains. From his Division 1 Football and Track & Field training, Arena Football experience and mentorship under Lucious Smith and Marv Marinovich, he combines all of this knowledge to directly impact each DB LAB athlete that seeks his expertise.

He is responsible for training some of the fastest defensive players on the field at all levels. As a football trainer and defensive back specialist, Vic was motivated to start the DB Lab because of love for the game of football and his desire to build elite athletes so he could contribute to the sports he loves.

“DBs are elite athletes and unyielding football players. The DB LAB focuses on developing the mindset and physicality necessary to maximize success in each rep. This is not a one size fits all training program,” he says.

Coach Vic leads an exclusive group of athletes each year where he and his staff are able to diagnose, correct, and impact individual mechanics in one session.

Coach Vic’s biggest challenge when he began his business was building the proper process and infrastructure that he needed in order to be able to deliver the consistent results he needed, on the highest level possible.

“My advice for those who are trying to start their own business is first to find a mentor, someone who’s been where you’re trying to go. Second building a rock solid team. Third execute, execute, execute,” advises Coach Vic.

As a professional athlete and coach,Vic believes having the proper mindset is extremely important because without hard work, dedication, and perseverance you will not be able to succeed in the business world, nor on the field. He tells his athletes that it is 50% mindset, 25% technique, and 25% power and execution. His next project will be a step by step guided program for mental health, emotional control, and success for athletes, because Coach Vic knows the importance that mindset plays when looking to reach the likes of the NFL.

One of the biggest obstacles he has had to overcome was taking the chance of going to LA with just a one way plane ticket 10 years ago, $200 in his pocket, and a goal of succeeding.

“Success to me is when you understand that there is no such thing as failure, it’s just learning. I believe that once you understand that failure is an opportunity to learn, then all your goals are truly achievable,” he shares.

For Coach Vic, there was no fear in the back of his mind because to him, fear means “Face Everything And Rise”.

Coach Vic is a coach like no other. With extensive knowledge of the game and what is required to reach the very top, his coaching is invaluable to those dreaming of reaching NFL heights. By focusing on all the aspects of an athlete; mentally, physically, emotionally, and skillfully, he is able to build elite athletes ready for anything.

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