Give the feeling of wonder, excitement, and joy in a little white box. Experience platform LivMo has figured out how to put smiles on many faces this giving season.

SINGAPORE, December 05, 2019 /Neptune100/ — LivMo is the activities platform that aims to change the gift culture and help people make more meaningful gifts. It can be challenging and time-consuming to find the perfect gifts for friends and loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and Christmas.

What do you gift someone when you have no idea what to give?

Your gift buying process this year can be an easy, pain-free experience without the stressful day-long trips to the crowd filled mall.

LivMo’s Ultimate Gift ( simplifies gifting experiences through a collection of hundreds of experiences to choose from by curating exciting experiences worth doing and making them easy to give to anyone. This is excellent for buying gifts for friends and loved ones who never seem to be able to make up their minds about what they want (or if you can’t seem to decide what to get them).

“You don’t run the risk of buying a gift they don’t want since the gift recipient is left with the choice,” adds Kevin Ou, Group CEO.

The Ultimate Gift Box of LivMo gives the feeling of excitement, joy and wonder to your recipient. It’s an amazingly easy way to give someone a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

Combining the excitement of gift experiences with a tangible gift you can hold in your hands, LivMo’s Ultimate Gift provide the best of both worlds. This gifting solution is perfect for anyone that appreciates remarkable experiences and creating new memories, more than a new sweater. Experiences enrich a person’s life more than any other material object, make people happier, broaden their horizons, and produce memories that last a lifetime.

A Smarter gift-buying Experience

Each Gift Box is flexible, enabling the gift recipients to decide what, when, and where. The key idea behind The Ultimate Gift is that without the risk of giving something they don’t like, you can buy a gift for loved ones. It gives the lucky Gift receiver of the gift box full bragging rights. Imagine the stories they will tell their friends after they have chosen the coolest experiences.

LivMo’s catalogue of experiences include virtual reality escapes, bungee jumping, culinary experiences, epic parties, race cars and adventure driving, spa and beauty, extreme sports and many, many more. The Ultimate Gift can show you the craziest, scariest, most relaxing and inspiring activities in the world and all you have to do is choose. Gift receivers have 36-Months to decide on an experience, giving them plenty of time to plan.

LivMo’s mission is to empower happiness through the gifting of memorable life moments, whilst reducing the giving of potentially meaningless material presents.

“For ultimate convenience, buyers can opt for LivMo to send their Ultimate gift box through email, post or courier,” comments Dustin Steward, CEO (North America).

LivMo pledges to continually scour the globe in order to curate exciting and remarkable experiences, and to verify them for safety. So that you can give an experience your Gift receiver will never ever forget in their lifetime! There really is no better present to give a friend, family member, or yourself than a little taste of the world.

Let the journey begin and find your perfect gift now!

About LivMo

LivMo is the global marketplace of experiences that connects brands, individuals and communities with high purchasing-intent consumers. With its vision of becoming the Amazon of activities and experiences, it empowers the discovery of significant and exciting experiences.

LivMo strives to match the right customers with the right products at the right time, creating more efficient sales through a fusion of Human Expertise and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Their mission is to become the one-stop portal in order to make life more fulfilling. LivMo now has offices in Singapore and Los Angeles with the intention of expanding in 2020 to five more nations.