HempXtra™ and Botanical Kiosk™ partner to provide E-Commerce stores to Make America Calm Again and provide businesses for those in need.

MIAMI, FL, May 07, 2020 /Neptune100/ — After Covid-19 HempXtra™ and Botanical Kiosk™ have decided to take initiative to help all Americans from this economical downfall. Seeing how the state and the federal government has fallen short to provide monetary help to their citizens, Botanical Kiosk™ has decided to take the matter into our own hand. By helping all those individuals who have lost their job(s) and are looking for a quick fix to obtain that supplemental income they need so much. HempXtra™ has helped us restructure their product pricing and give those forgotten workers the opportunity to own their own business and make good money.

Please understand we are not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), we are looking to help by opening up your own store within a couple of days and make money for yourself not for anyone else! – HempXtra™

If interested you can log on to www.BotanicalKiosk.com to find out more about owning an E-Commerce store and how you can own a store and have it running making you money in 5 business days.

About Our Product HEMPXTRA
Hempxtra products provide the absolute best quality CBD products on the market. While there are plenty of products on the market that use inferior imported CBD oils we only use the highest grade domestically grown Hemp plants. Our quality control process starts even before the plants go into the ground. We spent over a year searching for the best farmers in Colorado that are familiar with Cannabis and Hemp genotypes and resulting phenotypes. After identifying which combination of strains would provide the highest level of CBD potency these plants were crossbred to give us the CBD that is currently used in all Hempxtra products. We then use a Co2 extraction process to provide the cleanest plant extraction in the industry. But it doesn’t stop there. Unlike most companies that use the old-school way of flavoring their product by using a VG or PG based flavor, Hempxtra creates all of our flavors naturally. We have searched out the highest quality essential oils in the world as well as the highest quality carrier oils.