Empathy With Inc. — believe in the Power of Empathy and the company behind the popular 100% natural leather ear saver

SEOUL, KOREA, July 23, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Empathy With Inc. would like to contribute to people with contents and products that can be shared in various categories. Always doing the best in creating a virtuous circle of content & media commerce business. Over the last four years, they have been building and maintaining Facebook Pages with sincerity and consistency. Currently, the pages are growing ‘with’ 15 million followers in Korea and 5 million in Southeast Asia. Based on their media business, they are creating products to meet people’s deficiencies ‘with’ tech-savvy manufacturing partners.

In light of this, Empathy With Inc. – established in February 2015 and expanded in September 2016. They have brands to name a few that marketizes what people crave for based on Big Data, developing products that keep in mind that pets are not just animals but our life companions, and marketizes what people only imagine of and never realize based on ideas, issues, and even collaborations which recently is these popular ear savers from Housolve. They like to share support with their contents and products and help people in everyday life situations. After a whole day of wearing a face mask, the majority of people experience skin irritation and ear pain. They came up with something to “Protect Yourself and Your Family” against irritation while protecting yourself from catching the virus.

Ear savers or ear guards are definitely a must-try in their line of the new product that protects your ears from discomfort and irritation caused by wearing face masks. Having it all day gets our ears irritated because of the mask loops. These are made from 100% natural leather and multiple colours to choose from. Housolve’s ear savers are harmless to your body and are made of Italian — friendly, cowhide leather and especially handmade.

About EMPATHY WITH INC. — power to people with content and products that can be sympathized in various categories. Believe in the power of empathy.

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