NEW YORK, NY, September 10, 2019 /Neptune100/ — The number one thing that makes each person unique is their story. Everyone’s life is different in multiple ways. Therefore, when you want to stand out, you should do so by using your story. Mike Fallat and Dream Starters Publishing can help you do this.

Mike Fallat is nicknamed “the bad boy of books” because he makes books that are very different from the average. He thinks that “a book should make you stand out, turn heads and get people’s attention.” He started his book publishing business when he realized the power of storytelling.

“I realized I didn’t care about writing when I was younger because my heroes like Tom Petty and Alice Cooper didn’t write. So I combined the rock star feel with book creation and BOOM! We became the #1 Book Creation Service for Entrepreneurs,” Mike says.

Mike hated the corporate life. He always had thousands of ideas to improve different businesses, but his ideas were stifled at every turn. His dream life constituted doing what he wanted with who he wanted whenever he wanted, so he decided he was not going to work for someone else.

“When in doubt, build it yourself. I found out that the only way to get out of obscurity was to manufacture a path. So I wrote a book and it instantly changed my life. People started to ask me to speak at their schools and follow me online,” Mike remembers.

His book, “Started From Zero” began selling very quickly, and he realized his book was the great equalizer. It was publishing a book that gave Mike the chance to compete and win against people that had more resources and opportunities than him.

Mike’s success after his book rang a bell for many other entrepreneurs, who soon after started asking Mike for help to publish their own books. It had become clear that Mike’s publishing business could help many overcome their business challenges.

“Nobody knows who you are, and not everyone has the time to look into finding out. Obscurity is what kills your dreams. To fix it, it may take a lot of time, money and energy. But if you don’t have money, you need to get creative and use what you have that no one else has: your story. If you use it properly, it can generate a lot of attention, which will lead to money,” Mike advises.

Dream Starters Publishing is built on speed. They streamline the ghostwriting process so that people can have their own book in 30 days. Furthermore, if people decide to only publish one chapter on their life that will be a part of a book collaboration with other influencers, they can have that in just 24 hours.

“We want you to invest with us and see an immediate return,” Mike states.

Mike was born to market, and once he realized that a book is the ultimate marketing tool, he fell in love with the industry. He started to take all his passions and combine them into the publishing industry. His books are attractive and capturing, and they work–they change people’s lives and brands overnight. This was possible through mindset.

“On one of my books, I write about how your want is possibly your greatest asset. How bad do you want something? If you want it bad enough, you will be able to figure out the way. The mindset is not just about soaking in the right information, it is about understanding what is possible, and understanding that you can push yourself far more than you think,” Mike says.

Mike’s advice to people starting their own business is to play to win. Business owners need to be willing to go the distance, or else their business will not take off. In addition, people need to use fear as a tool that can push you harder everyday. Mike was once broke with 40K in credit card debt, but this did not stop him on his path to achieve success. He now makes over 30K a month.

“Success to me is a combination of being financially, creatively and physically free to live your life on your own terms. I have met millionaires that I would not classify as successful because some are stuck in a life they hate,” Mike shares.

In the following weeks, Mike will continue to promote the “Publish a Book in 24 Hours” promotion, while outlining how anyone can use their story as a way to destroy their competition. He wholeheartedly believes that selling is all about two things: connecting with someone who needs what you have through transparency, and clearly outlining how they you can solve their problem by adding value.

To follow Mike’s journey you can watch his documentary “Zero to Hero”, which can be found on Amazon Prime, and follow him on Instagram.