Perfect as a gift to those who buy a new car

BOLOGNA, ITALY, June 16, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to change their habits and become extra cautious in whatever work they are performing. Sanitization of hands as well as all the things of day-to-day use has now become everyone’s priority. Sanitization is also needed while driving a car and that is why Halmo has introduced its new CARhandGEL, which will save you from the Coronavirus while being in your car. It is the first of its kind car-specific sanitizing gel dispenser that has been designed to fit all kinds of cars available in the market as it can be easily placed inside the car’s cup holder.

The material of the dispenser is made up of high-quality hard plastic to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged under rough conditions. The CARhandGEL can also be customized with any graphical design according to individual needs. On placing the order, you will be provided with the first refill of Italy made sanitizing gel of 150 ml, consisting of 65% alcohol. The dispenser is designed in such a way that if the temperature inside the car rises to a considerably high level then the sanitizing gel will evaporate in small doses through its vent valve, making sure that the gel doesn’t deform or the dispenser doesn’t explode on hot days of summer.

The dispenser is washable and removable to make sure that you can maintain the hygiene level. After the gel finishes, you can easily remove the pump and refill it with a new CARhandGEL. With this gel dispenser, you can always be sure of not getting infected by the virus through your hands, which is very much necessary in breaking the chain. Visit the official website to place your first order and drive away your fear of getting infected.

The headquarters of Halmo is located in Romagna, a region in northern Italy famous for its entrepreneurial heritage in the automotive industry and located just 100 km from Ferrari’s hometown of Maranello, in hte middle of MotorValley. This is where all our products are professionally designed and shipped to our customers, after undergoing a rigorous process that guarantees the best quality and durability. We use only trusted logistics companies, such as DHL and DPD, to ensure excellence in the shipping and handling of our products.