Starco Brands has partnered with global media firm Hearst Media to market its Winona Popcorn spray on their Delish platform.

SANTA MONICA, CA, November 03, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Starco Brands (OTC:STCB) a consumer packaged goods company focused on innovating behavior changing technologies and environmentally safe products, has partnered with global media firm Hearst Media to market its Winona Popcorn spray on their Delish platform.

The joint collaboration will feature co-branding and co-marketing activities and position Winona Popcorn Spray right at the forefront of ground-breaking food innovation.

CEO of Starco Brands, Ross Sklar, said: “We are so pleased to consummate this partnership with Hearst Media and their Delish platform that has extensive digital and print assets with a global reach. This marriage is a perfect alignment for the Winona Popcorn Seasoning Spray line now featured in Delish and across other Hearst Media’s assets to further support our retail and online distribution partners.”

Delish is the fastest-growing food media brand on the internet with more than 42 million unique monthly visitors and 3 billion video views a year. Its powerhouse platform mixes food and pop culture to provide recipes, news, cultural connections and entertainment.

Winona Popcorn Spray is an innovative new product that adds a rich buttery flavor to hot popcorn and can also be used on vegetables, tomatoes or chicken. It is made with non-GMO canola oil and zero calorie flavoring. The spray is powered by air with zero additives and is gluten and dairy free.

Starco Brands first partnered with Hearst for their Breathe household cleaning line and Hand Sanitizer line that was approved for the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval.

Starco Brands, Inc.’s products include Breathe™, an clean household aerosol cleaning line powered by air and the first in history to be named the EPA’s Safer Choice Partner of the Year and Honu™ Sunscreen, a powered by air, reef safe sunscreen with a patented ratcheting spray arm designed to spray hard to reach areas that was the 2019 recipient of the Product of the Year award.

Winona Popcorn spray is being distributed by Walmart nationwide.

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