With automated worker placement and a unique approach to the hiring process, the company aims to shake up the temporary staffing industry.

ATLANTA, GA, October 01, 2020 /Neptune100/ — TeamWRX, an Atlanta-based staffing and recruitment agency, today announced its statewide market launch. Aiming to empower the growing temporary workforce and enhance overall client satisfaction, TeamWRX is focusing their company culture on the positive fundamentals of professional sports teams.

This approach includes team member training and development with performance-based games. The games create short-term goals for team members and give direction for their long-term aspirations, something that is often overlooked when hiring contract employees.

“We are very passionate about our approach to staffing,” says CEO Justin Rainer. “Celebrating wins, learning from losses, and having clear goals along the way. That’s what shapes an all-star team.”

TeamWRX believes that the heightened employee engagement will drive personal and professional growth for team members while providing a more engaged and reliable workforce for clients.

In addition to their unique company culture, TeamWRX hopes to stand out in the staffing scene with their on-demand worker placement (possible through the use of a proprietary automated staffing system), custom staffing playbooks for clients, weekly performance reports, and exceptional customer service.

For more insight into the staffing services and company culture of TeamWRX, the public can visit their new digital “home base” at https://teamwrxstaff.com.

TeamWRX isn’t just another temp agency. Our business is built on the foundation that superior customer service and heavy investment in the training and advancement of our teams produces extraordinary results. Since our inception, TeamWRX has filled over 13,000 orders, with 11,500 orders being filled through our fully automated platform. Our mission is to be the number one staffing company in both client and team member satisfaction!