Afghanistan’s trailblazing producer makes a return with his most notable work to date in a sultry album cover.

DUBAI, UAE, November 12, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Shuja Rabbani, one of the few names to be breaking into the international music industry from the Middle East, releases his fourth album ‘Pronogaphy’ with thirteen new tracks. Returning to his passion for mixing electronic beats, Rabbani’s focus on the new album is raw sounds of progressive house music which made his debut in 2014.

Five years on, Rabbani has over 100 music tracks under his belt available in all the leading digital stores and streaming platforms on the internet – a luxury rarely available to most artists from the region.

“No matter what people say, I see the prime responsibility of my work as an artist is to keep pushing the boundaries of cultural and traditional limitations,” says Rabbani of his mission to break free from the shackles of conservative and risk-averse entertainment industry of Afghanistan which is still at its infancy.

He further adds, “There have been movies made in Afghanistan that have made it to the Oscars and as a musical artist, I want my music to make it to the Grammy’s and beyond!”

The hunger for Rabbani’s artistic ambition is evident from the timing of his latest release, which comes at the height of Afghanistan’s presidential elections that is caught up in a quagmire.

Based in Dubai, Rabbani’s music has been used to promote Afghanistan in global cultural events in Europe and the Middle East. A number music tracks on his SoundCloud channel are available for free download and Rabbani regularly uploads new music to showcase his artistry on social media using hashtag #EDMA to represent Electronic Dance Music Afghanistan.

Throughout 2019, Rabbani released five singles and he ends the year with his latest collection of electronic music in ‘Pronogaphy’ which is now available across the internet for download and streaming.

Shuja Rabbani is an EDM producer from Afghanistan who is making waves in the electronic music scene. He has now released four albums and is continuing to gain recognition and support internationally to promote Afghanistan in a positive light. Anyone looking for more information about Rabbani and the work he does can visit his personal website at: