A successful Los Angeles film editor discusses her tips on working from home during this worldwide pandemic.

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 26, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Fernanda Schein, a passionate and motivated film editor, continues to take Los Angeles by storm with her passion for filmmaking and eye for story editing. Lately, with the COVID-19 crisis plaguing the world, she, like many of us, has been placed under work from home order (WFO). However, even with the new work environment restrictions, her incredible work ethic and collaborative integrity have not been stunted. Recently weighed in on how she is coping with this new norm and how she’s carefully navigating her workload through these trying times.

“The most concerning part of working from home is guaranteeing everyone in the project is editing in the latest version. When you are a solo editor for an indie project, you’re the only one touching the project, so working remotely is not that big of an issue. But, in bigger projects like the docu-series that I’m working on right now, it’s an intense workflow. Gladly we’re working on Avid, which allows us to share bins and import them into our own projects. But for that to happen, we had to clone drives for everyone on the team and run several tests. When working remotely, I feel taking some time to test the workflow before starting is essential. In moments like these, where we didn’t have a lot of time for planning, we took an in-depth look into our pipeline once we were all set and decided together on a Skype call the best way to move forward. The key is discipline and organization. Keep your work area organized and define hours to work. I particularly like working from home – maybe not under the current circumstances, but at least I’m not 2 hours in traffic every day anymore.”

Fernanda Schein is an accomplished film editor with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing & Advertising from ESPM University in Brazil and a Masters of Arts in Film & Media from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, Ca. She currently resides in Los Angeles, where she continues to live out her dream of becoming the next major network TV film editor. She’s most notably worked with Benson Lee on his K-Pop documentary feature, “Seoul Searching.” The Chinese feature film Prime Angel, which she brilliantly edited in Chinese. And most recently, Obsidian Dolls with director Michael Carnick, which is set to be released in 2020. Fernanda also uses her skill set in the marketing and advertising scope. Most recently, she has worked for Flex Fits, a company that sells sustainable period products that reduce our carbon footprint as well as those dreaded female menstrual cramps.

Fernanda is a challenge seeker and a continual optimist. She believes a movie is written three times: on a script, on set, and in the editing room. She loves partnering with other creatives, even virtually, to find the best way to tell a story. To know more about Fernanda, you can visit her website at www.fernandaschein.com

Fernanda Schein is a passionate film editor based out of Los Angeles, Ca. She works within various fields in the filmmaking industry, such as film, television, and advertisement.