JUNETEENTH: BLACK AMERICANS’ TRUE INDEPENDENCE & UNITY DAY- Calling on African Americans to unite, celebrate, and learn the true story about our independence.

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA, June 16, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The Gwinnett Unity Project (GUP) organized in partnership with Black-owned businesses, is prepared to kickoff and host the Juneteenth Unity Celebration for the cities of Lawrenceville, Dacula, and other surrounding areas. The purpose of this event is to bring all cultures and nationalities together to experience Black culture.

There is a dire need for our community to learn more about our true independence and freedom from slavery. We must strive to celebrate our progress as a people and share information about the work being done. Doing so will increase awareness of socioeconomic issues that impact us, empower the continued development of our work, and strengthen the fibers of our community. We envision a more unified community that is truly appreciative of other cultures and seeks to fulfill the promise of America which is FREEDOM, EQUALITY, and JUSTICE FOR ALL.

In light of the national crisis and concerns about police brutality, systemic racism, discrimination, oppression against people of color, and all the hate happening around the world, we need unity. Due to the express need to get involved, many Black-owned businesses in Gwinnett County, Georgia and other well-known individuals have agreed to step up to create an experience where our people can convene and fellowship in a peaceful and meaningful setting. Together, we get to be the example we want to see.

This free celebration is open to the public and we ask that everyone bring individuals who support our culture and agenda. Hand sanitizing stations will be available in the park and FACE MASKS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL ATTENDEES.

Below is our Juneteenth event agenda:

• Educate attendees on the difference between Independence Day and Juneteenth holidays
• Read the Emancipation Proclamation
• Read poems and sing traditional songs written by Black authors and musicians
• Provide entertainment of historical reenactments
• Highlight Black progress and hardships post-emancipation
• Cross-promote and unify Black-owned businesses & groups
• Communicate essential census reporting and voting information
• Assistance with voter registration
• Provide Covid-19 testing information
• Crown Mr / Miss Juneteenth 2020

Our hope is to gain sufficient press and media coverage for this event. It is imperative that others host similar events throughout the State of Georgia, our country, and around the world.

The Gwinnett UNITY Project under the leadership of Aasiya Muslim was initiated to lead local communities towards a “Better Gwinnett County, Georgia”. Local organizations and business partners include Aasiya Maryam Muslim Interior Designer, Portpholiio, Posh Salon Dacula, Black Women Leaders in Nursing, Inc., Penphoria, Edee’s Place BBQ, Christ the King Church, and Posh Events & Decor.

Email us at [email protected] to learn more about this project.