There are many types of evil in this world…. What would happen if different types converged in the same film?! Evil VS Evil VS Evil

COLUMBUS, OH, July 20, 2020 /Neptune100/ — I71Movies is bringing their noir style horror epic to a screen near you. The diverse and talented group of artists have launched their next indie film, A WICKED BREED, on the Seed & Spark fundraising platform in hopes to reach sponsorship dollars and donations to bring this action/thriller film to an international audience.

I71movies is bringing Hollywood to the Midwest!

Some of the best horror films find their roots in man-made tragedy and this project is one of them. A WICKED BREED aims to shed light on the tragedy of the false diagnosis called “hysteria” that was so prevalent in the 1800’s. Hysteria was used to terrorize women by locking them in sanitariums, often leading to severe abuse and neglect.

The film begins with Dr. Emil Rose who uses hysteria to prey upon his victims. His evil casts an unholy curse upon his home. The ramifications of Dr. Rose’s sins reach into the present when two sets of killers find themselves trapped inside and battling for their lives…..”A secluded gas station is an out of the way place owned by two brothers who use it as their personal hunting grounds for unsuspecting travelers.

The oldest brother’s girlfriend experiences an erotic euphoria from the pain she inflicts upon others. It is business as usual until a married couple, with secrets of their own, come across their path. The twisted trio find themselves challenged when the mysterious couple turn out to be as dangerous as the three of them. It goes from bad to worse when their confrontation takes them to the doorstep of a house of horrors. They quickly discover themselves trapped in a house built in the 1800’s known for their perversions and experiments inflicted upon the women of the house of Dr. Emil Rose.” – Derek Talib, Writer

I71MOVIES is a Columbus, OH based film company that strives to create content with a diverse cast, strong female leads and non-cliché roles. The company empowers women and pushes for diversity in front of the camera and in their films, as well as, behind the camera by teaming up with new up and coming talent. The company consists of Writer/Director, Derek Talib; Producer and Actress, Rebekah Hart Franklin; Associate Producer and lead actor, Jose W Byers & Marketing Manager, Allan Talib. A Wicked Breed has also brought on two new associate producers, Charlotte Galbreath and London Grace.

I71Movies is currently having indie success with their first film, DARK IRIS, which can be found in over 13 countries, purchased through, and seen on VUDU.

A WICKED BREED is currently in the pre-production phase and is panning for a Fall film date. More information can be found on our Seed and Spark campaign at

I71Movies is an exciting and ambitious production company founded in 2012 by Derek Talib, Jose Byers and silent partner, Allan Talib. Derek and Jose primarily focused on Ohio talent and their TV series, ‘St. Gabriel’. The company also focused on working with up and coming writers, artists, and crew in the Midwest area. The goal is to build Ohio as the next Hollywood with the generous tax incentive program the state has to offer.
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