“Qurbania” is the fifth single from the Punjab native.

NEW YORK, NY, December 23, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Indian rap sensation G Deep — whose music has been featured on the Planet Mosh podcast, That’s Enuff, and Thisis50.com, amongst thousands of other outlets — is tackling something that is unfamiliar to American society in general, but is very dear to his heart — and relevant to the United States, even if they don’t realize it yet — Indian politics, and the plight of Indian farmers under Narendra Modi.

He hopes that his new single, “Qurbania,” will bring light to this issue.

“Through music, ultimately, we get understanding,” said G Deep exclusively. “I hope that “Qurbania” gives my rap fans an understanding of what’s going on in India — and that they understand that this isn’t an “Indian” problem, but a “human” problem that could very well be theirs one day.”

You can check out the video below.

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