Artist Manager Veronica Charnell uses the Power of Media and Livestream to Promote Her Artist Jeiris Cook

GREENVILLE, NC, February 09, 2021 /Neptune100/ — The Entertainment Industry has taken a big hit since the start of the pandemic last year. CEO of Monae Management Veronica Charnell was determined to grow Independent Artist Jeiris Cook platforms. Live Performances is a major source of revenue for the Music Industry it allowed the fans to get up close and personal with the artist they love.

Jeiris Cook is a R&B Soulful Artist with a vocal ability that can be compared with Grammy Award Winners Babyface, Joe, and Brian McKnight. The New Jersey native often went live on Periscope to sing music that is therapeutic to the soul.

Since we are not able to perform live events due to Covid-19, Veronica created Music Therapy Sessions, a monthly live stream event on Facebook, Periscope, and YouTube featuring Jeiris Cook singing cover songs and his original music. During this event his fans can ask questions, and have a conversation with Jeiris on a more personal level. Jeiris total live stream audience has grown from 250 to 12,000.

In December 2020, Jeiris released a song called Dreams to remind everyone regardless of your personal struggles, or what is currently going on in the world due to the pandemic. You can still push forward and continue to work on those projects you thought was not going to happen. Dreams has been featured on over 30 Spotify Playlists, it is currently number 5 on the Independent Chart Show in UK, and requests to book Jeiris to sing at Covid-19 friendly venues had dramatically increased. Dreams is available on all Digital Music Platforms.

You can listen to Dreams Here:

Monae Management also offer Publicity Services. We work with Independent Artists, and Influencers in the Entertainment Industry to generate growth on all Social Media Platforms as well as boosting follower engagements. Jeiris has been featured in Vocal Media, Medium, Urban Magazine, Enspire Magazine, Blue Print Media, New Jersey Sound Stage, and Stress Free Zone with Emmy Award Winner Randy Stress.

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