Oxi-Thyme SE is now helping businesses in 19 States establish Disinfecting Protocols that keep staff and patrons safe

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL, October 23, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Oxi-Thyme SE (OTSE) enters into disinfecting contracts with Entertainment Factory, Excess Studios, and Anastasi Group providing disinfecting equipment and products for all productions through 2021.

Oxi-Thyme SE is providing businesses with the equipment, EPA registered disinfectants, and training needed to disinfect their facilities with their existing staff. This process has provided companies of all sizes extreme savings over traditional disinfecting methods and services. OTSE uses EPA registered, disinfectants designed to be sprayed in a ULV or HVLP which atomizes the disinfectant. This process allows the disinfectant to cover more area with less product, while also cutting the application times associated with spray and wipe disinfectants. Today, OTSE is proud to announce its partnership with Entertainment Factory, Excess Studios, and The Anastasi Group to bring our disinfecting experience and products to Hollywood and the filming industry!

Amber Prevatt, OTSE President, stated “There are too many companies out there preying on businesses who just want to open up and return to work. They are charging outrageous prices for services that could be performed by the business for much less. OTSE focuses on providing the equipment, EPA registered disinfectants, and training needed for a business to take matters into their own hands.” Oxi-Thyme SE will operate their west coast hub out of Entertainment Factory’s upcoming studio, Excess Studios. Rick Finkelstein, Entertainment Factory’s CEO and lead producer will be their contact person/liaison to the Film and Entertainment Industries. According to Finkelstein, “The Film and Entertainment Industry needs a company that performs and cares about people, and Oxi-Thyme SE is that company.” Rick and Entertainment Factory will not only use Oxi-Thyme to disinfect their Indie Film Productions, but Excess Studios will be able to provide the service for all productions within the studio. Jackson Prevatt, OTSE VP, stated “We are very excited to see Entertainment Factory’s upcoming releases “Camp Twilight” and “Killer Rose”, and look forward to bringing our disinfecting experience to similar projects in 2020-21.”

The Anastasi Group, and Len Davies, are bringing America back to life with COVID Safer Zones. Anastasi Group is a network of professionals whose primary focus is to implement real solutions to test for the virus and keep our gathering spaces safer in order to get the world back up and running from the set-back of COVID-19. According to Mr. Davies “The protocol and commonsense approach that we use will guarantee that we get through this pandemic safely.”

Oxi-Thyme SE is proud to partner in this great endeavor and lends our equipment and EPA registered disinfectants to the fight. Anastasi works directly with companies to provide onsite Covid-19 testing for staff and will be using Oxi-Thyme SE equipment and disinfecting products to disinfect their facilities after each use, as well as Entertainment Factory and Excess Studio using Oxi-Thyme to ensure a safe filming facility.

OTSE is excited to be working with such talented companies in creating a safe environment for Hollywood to get back to filming!

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