“Spinning” The new music release from Isabelle Fries directly relates to what the world is experiencing today.

DENVER, CO, April 20, 2020 /Neptune100/ — At 21, this USC senior is making her mark on the world with her passion for music and philanthropy. But if you ask her where she would be if it were up to her she would say “honestly, if I could be barefoot at a hole in the wall bar singing every night that would be amazing”.

Her self described music style is a mix of pop and alternative. “It’s whatever people who listen want it to be at that moment in their lives. They can take it and do what they need to with it and let themselves feel – that’s the goal, is to make your listeners truly feel.”

A humanitarian at heart, she founded the “Bulamu Raise Your Voice Community Foundation” Isabelle is operating alongside the Global Livingston Institute and their mission of “LISTEN-THINK-ACT. She performed to a crowd of over 20 thousand in Uganda with Stelth of The Lumineers and other global musicians who came together with GLI and iKnow Concerts for the Entusi Music Festival to raise awareness for HIV.

She performed the track “Winter Days” for the Hallmark film “A Royal Winter” which is featured on the album “Christmas Love Songs” on iTunes. She is currently in LA recording her debut EP with nine-time Grammy Award-winning producer Rob Chiarelli.

Isabelle’s dream is to combine her love of music and international service work to bring people together and make a difference in the world. And right now we really need that.

About “Spinning”

“Spinning ironically relates so much to what is going on in our world today and I think that is a blessing in disguise. I truly hope that this song can bring some joy and love to everyone’s lives today and to remind everyone that they are not alone”-Isabelle

Spinning is about those moments you can’t name or describe. Moments when you see beyond yourself and see the existential beauty. It’s a time where you feel everything good in yourself and those around you. It’s the hope that we could all live in the moment of our best most altruistic selves. It’s about the best parts of our existence and human nature that we all wish we could freeze in place.

(Writers: Nate & Kaelie Highfield, Rob Chiarelli)