Using Air Quality and Temperature data to answer critical questions.

NEW YORK, NY, April 19, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Big Byte Insights, Ltd. (the “Company”), a leader in big data analytics, announced today that it had launched a COVID-19 tracker for answering critical questions, including identification of global locations that are not practicing social distancing. Additionally, the web-based dashboard helps answer the question if heat will hinder the spread of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 tracker, which utilizes global Air Quality and Temperature data sets to answer these questions, is accessible at

Air Quality
The Company is using OpenAQ’s pollution data (specifically PM2.5) as a proxy for human activity. The web-based dashboard identifies locations with the highest and lowest year over year difference in PM2.5 levels.

The company acknowledges that using cell phone locations or a network of cameras to track human movement are better ways to estimate social distancing. However, it is difficult to get access to location data on a global level or to deploy a large number of cameras in a reasonable amount of time/budget. Moreover, in certain parts of the world “big brother” concerns over surveillance would be a major impediment to implementing these techniques. Under such circumstances, the Company thinks Air Quality data is a practical way to identify locations that need to practice greater social distancing.

Based on the limited data so far, the Company does not think that hot weather will “eliminate” the coronavirus. Since 3/20/20, the average temperature in Niger has been consistently high at approximately 90.6 F (32.6° C). During this time, the country registered 584 new cases (as of 4/15/20).

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