1Trillion Candle is a candle that melts down to become a high-quality, loose diamond at the bottom that you can save as a collectible item. What makes the Trillion Candle truly one-of-a-kind is that you get to choose the color, clarity and carat of your diamond. As a mark of unquestioned quality, each diamond comes with a GIA certificate. These diamonds have the best colors on the color scale; D, E, F and the highest possible clarity; VS, VVS, FLAWLESS. Diamonds start as small as .30 carat and can go up to 7 carats in weight.

As three separate wicks burn down to reveal the diamond that you have personally selected and designed in advance, the room is filled with an enticing scent.


For the wealthy and powerful, Trillion Candle is an exclusive way to stand out from everyone else, to show your discerning taste, luxurious taste and power. It is not just anyone who can buy the Trillion Candle.

Each Trillion Candle results in the highest-quality loose diamond that will be treasured for a lifetime. This is a niche, exclusive market that has the potential to change the way people think about giving diamonds. Diamonds are not just an expression of love, but also a mark of power, access and impossible wealth. It is a diamond that you collect.

Diamonds symbolize love, prosperity, eternity and perseverance. Candles represent life and celebration. Trillion Candle is these two merged into one.

Trillion Candle is the type of exclusive collectible that once might have been possible only for royalty. And now this treasure is available to a few exclusive people. The Trillion Candle is so exclusive that it’s like belonging to the top layer of the wealthy and powerful. It is your introduction to the elite.

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