My Little Farm”- Easy, Funny & Motivational way of Coding Education

The age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a software-oriented society which requires innovative cognitive capability. In a software-oriented society, problem-solving capability based on computational thinking is required for a future leader ; this is the goal of software education. Many advanced countries in the world are already including software coding education in their regular schooling curriculum.

In Korea, SW & Coding Education has been added to the elementary school curriculum since 2018. Actually Coding education is not easy! Therefore, it must be taught through an easy, funny and motivational way to students. That’s why we have developed AR Coding “My Little Farm”

Kids may understand C-coding principles while gaming “My Little Farm”, targeting 6~12 years old group, is a coding education program combined smart farm system coding and plants-cultivate game. ‘My Little Farm’ which is using AR technology games arouses the students’ interest and curiosity; the automated system in the plant-raising game leads easily the principles of C-Codes to the students.

Kids unconsciously acquires these principles while they are following funny game. We also like to make Kids recognize global issues like Environmental Pollution, Global Warming, Extreme Weather Change, Over-population, Global Food Shortage at the same time. So they could be grown up not only as a good programmer but as a global leader who would take care of these issues.