The High-content Stem Cell Conditioned Media Hair Tonic is customized to be effective hair care!

SEOUL, KOREA, July 23, 2020 /Neptune100/ — CELINO Inc., which the Korean biotechnology company MEDIPOST has spun off its cosmetics business, now enters into the North American market through an ‘NGF-574H hair tonic’ product for the customized hair care.

MEDIPOST, was first established in 2020 as a specialized company for stem cells that has the largest cord blood bank as well as being the first company to do so in Korea. Also, it is the leading company of a somatic stem cell therapeutic agent that launched the CARTISTEM of an allogeneic cord blood-derived therapeutic agent in 2012. It was positioned in such a manner as MEDIPOST is a global company for a stem cell field. However, MEDIPOST wasn’t satisfied with its outcome and made the decision to focus on the expansion for the next-generation skin regeneration cosmetics with the main ingredients of human cord blood cell-conditioned media.

NGF-574H Hair Tonic, which has been introduced to the North American Market, includes the 20-year know-how of MEDIPOST and the high-content ‘NGF-574H’ of the patent ingredient applied the ‘priming method’ of the patent technology. ‘NGF-574H’ was successfully implemented to form the key ingredient that helps with the expansion of hair follicle stem cells through 574-case tests, and was checked to see whether it helped to improve the hair and scalp through 16-weeks and 24-weeks human studies.

For the past 3 years, over 2.5 billion won has been invested in NGF-574H’s ingredient development, and the ingredient obtained the ‘NET (New Excellent Technology)’ from KMW (Korea’s Ministry of Health & Welfare) in 2017.

NGF-574H was completed to register the priming method of the key technology for manufacturing the ingredient as the patent in Korea and Japan, and is patent pending in key countries as well as North America. It is technology to manufacture the customized stem cell conditioned media with key ingredients optimized to the hair and scalp through the simulation of the scalp environment.

(International Application No.: PCT/KR2015/006919)
(US Application Title: Hair growth-promoting capacity of the conditioned media of the stimulated stem cells and use thereof)

NGF-574H Hair Tonic is the world’s first customized hair loss culture solution that incorporates Medipost’s cutting-edge biotechnology. Its main ingredient: Human cord blood cell-conditioned media 50000ppm.147 kinds – Creating an artificially troubled environment. Multi-angle custom experiment – 574 times. Successful acquisition for a hair custom culture.

Hair-customized stem cell culture created by 574 experiments by Medipost researchers to solve the scalp problems — NGF-574H. The hair tonic came from cord blood. When a mother gives birth to a newborn baby, the separated umbilical cord and blood present in the placenta contains large amounts of stem cells. The stem cells are the cells that are the source of the tissues that make up our body and are valuable life resources that can regenerate damaged functions. Stem cell priming technology is carried out for quality assurance.

574H Production Quality/Safety — compliant with the GMP regulations at the cell treatment facility processing facilities, aseptic equipment production. NGF, New-born Growth Factors: the ingredient is basically the trophic factors secreted by the stem cell-derived from the umbilical cord blood from a newborn baby. Behind the meaning of 574, the best candidate has selected after 574 combinations of experiments with 17 priming factors known to be overly expressed in alopecia patients. The ‘H’ in NGF-574H means the innovative hair care product. Altogether, this is a hair care cosmetic in a spray type that could be performed within the home care.

NGF-574H Key Features are as follows:

• Performance has been proven by clinical trials
• Patent granted and US FDA (OTC) registered
• Hypoallergenic tested
• Clinical studies were completed by a dermatologist

In light of this, Celino Inc. – a spun-off subsidiary from MEDIPOST for the haircare and skincare business provides innovative products based on human stem cell science. It was established in 2019. As of 2020, the U.S. FDA OTC functional cosmetics registration has been completed (Celonia, NGF 9 items) and will enter Amazon in the US. The company dedicated its product for people who experience bald spots, hair loss, and more but most importantly for patients with alopecia. The product isn’t mass-produced as quality assurance and safety are the main priorities which make the ingredients more unique than any other hair tonic. Within 4 weeks, you could see the visible results of hair regrowth. It became “Korea’s No. 1, cord blood stem cell culture solution exclusively supplied by the Medipost cord blood bank” base on July 5, 2016, and the Fair Trade Commission’s U.S. cord blood release based on the U.S. cord blood market share of the number of contracts was 55%, thus leading the industry.

About CELINO — delivers the customer value of the ultimate rejuvenation anchored on Medipost’s 20 years of research and innovative prowess; a specialist in life science cosmetics, which have given life to NGF-574H, the innovative haircare with primed human cord blood cell-conditioned media.

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