Char Dennis, the founder of business consulting and public relations firm 1KMEG PR.

NASHVILLE, TN, July 18, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Char Dennis, the founder of business consulting and public relations firm 1KMEG PR, has launched her new fashion podcast “MY Style Live” for industry gatekeepers and elite, where she covers everything from fashion to business to healthcare, to music and culture. The podcast released on April 18th features six episodes as of now, focusing on some exciting topics related to business, healthcare, music, fashion, and pop culture.

In the introduction episode of the podcast, Char Dennis, MBA shares her fabulous apparel inspirations, style advice, and makeup tutorials. In yet another, “Bonus” introduction episode, Char Dennis, focuses on some more exciting topics from the elite fashion world, business, and music. Released on May 9th, 2020, the episode of the podcast My Style Live, is called “Reality of the Corona Pandemic”, where the host invites Dr. K Dennis, MD PharmD to focus on different aspects of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The latest episode of the My Style Live is called “The Music Industry and COVID-19’s impact on concert touring,” where the host invites Alan Floyd, Head of Global Touring Operations / Beyoncé and Owner of MaddSoul Music Inc. Mr. Floyd focuses on different aspects of a global tour manager and the Covid-19 pandemic. Alan is the son of the Legendary singer-songwriter Eddie Floyd “Knock On Wood”.

Char Dennis is sharing expertise in the fields of business, fashion, music, and pop culture in her enticing podcast My Style Live, which has already started to garner great reviews from the listeners, one of whom says, helpful information for a time like this. I started listening to the interview with Doctor Dennis and found it to be very informative about the Covid-19. My understanding of how It got the name Corona Virus is clearer now. Very well done Char keep up the good work.

Char Dennis founded 1KMEG PR in 2006, and from the past 20 years, she has been helping entrepreneurs get success in their business and personal lives.1KMEG PR is a Boutique PR Firm that caters to ultra-luxury Brand Influencers, High Net Worth aka HNW Clients & handles Strategic Partnerships with today’s most coveted brands Nashville, California, and Atlanta. By offering services like Online marketing, advertising, experiential marketing, and business planning, Mrs. Dennis has helped numerous businesses and clients reach the heights of success in over two decades of her career.