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FORT WORTH, TX, October 02, 2019 /Neptune100/ — The chemicals used for relaxer treatment and hair coloring can be dangerous, and cause scalp burns and permanent hair loss, if applied improperly. A Fort Worth woman, Robin Gunby settled her case with the Regis Hair Salons for $180,000 after she suffered permanent hair loss and was left partially bald, after a relaxer treatment.

Gunby (57) brought a claim against the Regis salon when she experienced tingling and burning of her scalp following her hair treatment on February 13, 2018. Afterward the treatment, she developed a significant skin irritation, and had to be seen at the Emergency Room at Texas Health Southwest. She was prescribed antibiotics and topical cream, but did not improve.

A few days later Gunby had burning around her forehead, ears and scalp, and began showing skin lesions and blisters. She ended up with second degree burns. The following month, in March of 2018, she was diagnosed by her dermatologist with permanent hair loss in the perimeter around her head, and hyperpigmentation along her entire hair line.

Gunby was devastated by the news of her permanent hair loss and baldness, and had to resort to buying wigs to cover her hair loss. She brought a claim against Regis Corporation alleging that the stylist was negligent in applying the relaxer and hair coloring.

Gunby’s attorney, Randall Knutson says that “extreme care must be taken when using relaxer and applying hair coloring. The chemicals involved can be dangerous, and cause burning, lesions, and even permanent hair loss. It is more common than most people think.”

Gunby was represented by Randall Knutson of Knutson + Casey Law Firm, which has offices in Mankato, Minnesota and Edina, Minnesota.