STG24 Announces its Plan to Launch and Release CX9 on Kickstarter this August

NEW YORK, NY, August 11, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Nowadays, there is a continuous shortage of disposable masks due to the coronavirus that is causing the rise in their demand. People from all over the world are raising issues about the effectiveness and ventilation of masks that have been released in the existing market.

Among the many mask producing companies, STG24, a company that specializes in LED masks, is gaining widespread attention among customers. This is because it has revealed its plan to launch CX9, which is a new form of ecofriendly semi-permanent mask that doubles the amount of time you can use the filter compared to that of the existing disposable masks.

As soon as STG24 revealed its plan to launch CX9, people found it most appealing that it can be customized with different components. The basic CX9 mask has a 4-ply filter that blocks the bacteria in the air and you can choose additional options for cooling and LED functions, which you can use by substituting other related parts. This allows individuals to customize the mask to suit his or her preference according to the three types (filter, cooling, and LED) of masks.

The lightweight fan is made out of a new material which can absorb the heat. This dramatically makes up for the poor ventilation of existing masks that suffocates the users. Moreover, CX9 adopts the exhaust valve which releases the CO2 13 times faster than the standard valves. Thus, customers will find CX9 to be helpful even when they participate in intensive sports such as golf, cycling, and running.

There are a total of 3 circulation intensities which can be used according to the situation to adjust the internal temperature of the mask and maintain the optimal temperature for the skin. The Light Mode helps stabilize your breathing by aiding the air circulation, the Middle Mode assists fast emission and inhalation, and the Strong Mode helps circulate the air based on the high external temperature in the summer.

The LED option manages the internal odor, pollution, etc. Especially, you can enjoy using the LED mask in 3 different modes which are Daily Mode, Block Mode, and Beauty Mode. When you turn on the Daily Mode and Block Mode, RED LED lights up for 30 minutes and Near-infrared (NiR) wavelengths appear for 90 minutes. These protect your skin from harmful bacteria and activate macrophages in your skin which help relieve skin irritation in a short period of time. At the same time, these modes manage the skin irritation by breaking down cytokines, which are skin irritation controlling factors. The Beauty Mode uses LED and Near-infrared wavelengths to activate fibroblasts which accelerate collagen production. This improves the skin texture and brightens the skin in the short term, and regenerates skin cells to soften the skin surface in the long term. In particular, the automatic filter sterilizing mechanism is one of the most remarkable characteristics of the LED option. The UVC LED sterilizes 99.9% of germs that may spread within the filter when you wear it for a long period of time in your daily life or during traveling. Therefore, it allows you to pleasantly maintain the internal area of the mask.

STG24 conveyed, “CX9 is a mask that has both filtering, beauty, and cooling effects all in one product, automatically sterilizes the filter which allows for it to be reused, and is washable. CX9 is the world’s first ecofriendly multifunctional outdoor mask. It can be used comfortably and safely at a travel destination, in the office, in the house, and just about anywhere. We are looking forward to creating a new lifestyle trend through CX9.”

CX9 will be released in two colors which are black and white. It will be revealed for the first time on the world’s biggest crowdfunding platform Kickstarter this August. The details are available on CX9 official page and on the kickstarter: … n=3670bc55