Start to see not with your two eyes or even your third eye, but with your whole self!

PHOENIX, AZ, October 24, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Salvation has always been in your own hands- Hati Imiut Atum

How many people believe in or know of a beginning? Which ledgers or stories that were recorded are oldest, and true? How many people are interested in knowing the secrets of the cycle of life, death, and renewal? Just about everyone! Yet there are books on this subject. But none are focused on the actual facts from the guidance of the masters of the primary primordial creation of the light within natural nature.

The Sacred Scroll Of Enlightenment is the first book to look at this subject from an Egyptian’s point of view. It is laid out without the traditional chapter format, and is designed so you can dig right into the depth of the book. The book is concise, and has hidden secrets of the higher mysteries of Ancient Egypt revealed.

This book will appeal to everyone that has interests in the origins of humanity, the here-after, and the after-life. The interests of the Mysteries of Egyptian concepts; includes over 25 million adults. An additional market will be private schools that represent the growing spiritual student. A further market will be book clubs, and libraries.

According to most spiritual neophytes this type of scroll is now ready to be accepted by the mainstream community. This scroll is in a question, and answer format. This scroll so far has over 34,000 views digitally. This is a good indication that this scroll will generate massive publicity.

According to the author it is about that time to make this scroll available in book format. So that its light can enlighten the rest of this world. This new book format will be available on Amazon Kindle.

The author reveals that this scroll enlightens people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and races. It gives hope to the hopeless. It tells how love can be expressed in its fullness. It translates mysteries into the lowest level of understanding.

The Sacred Scroll Of Enlightenment will guide he or she on a path of the divine lighthouse. It will cause an elevation of your spirit, and development of your portion of soul. Hidden mysteries now answered by way of Ancient Kemet.

Before creation of all that exist there was a boundless void of perfect darkness, and peaceful silence. Only the spirit of the master of the perfect dark void lived undifferentiated. Without darkness there is no light!- Hati Imiut Atum

Paa Neteru atha paa qemam-taat wu abaat shil paa paut.

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