During these unprecedented times, an invaluable reminder that touching your 
private parts and seeing your doctor for a yearly check-up could help save your life.

NEW YORK, NY, February 09, 2021 /Neptune100/ — How often do you make excuses about your health? “It can’t happen to me,” or “I’m just too busy to see the doctor.” Or maybe, you’re just too scared to know the truth. If the covid-19 pandemic wasn’t a health prevention wake-up call for you, we’re hoping that National Self-check month this February will be, because long after the covid-19 crisis is behind us, many of us and our loved ones will continue to be fighting for our lives.

Joan Peckolick, the director of Self chec, (www.selfchec.org) the non-profit organization that created National Self-check Month adds, “each year over one million people die from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity; chronic diseases that could have been prevented or treated if only we learned how to take better care of ourselves.”

Self Chec empowers us all to take personal healthcare into our own hands and provides the tools that facilitate healthy habits. To that end, Self chec is now reaching out to children with its new ebook “Eat The Rainbow” for adults to help teach their youngsters how to keep healthy by eating healthy, exercising, wearing sunscreen and relaxing.

Now is the time to sit down and talk with loved ones about their health using the free self-empowering tools Self Chec offers. You can sign-up for the e-Newsletter, send an e-card that encourages people to become health advocates on their own, and spread the word by using #NationalSelfCheckMonth on social media, or buy the e-book for your kids.

For more resources please visit www.selfchec.org or contact [email protected]

About Self Chec
Self Chec is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is using emotional connections to help save lives by raising awareness of the importance of early detection and preventative actions that help keep us healthy from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity; chronic diseases that often, unnecessarily take the lives of some of our loved ones much too early.

For more information, please contact:
Joan Peckolick, Director/Founder
[email protected] / 212-222-8111