Super Fullerene Labs announced today the re-launch of its flagship product, Grafex, as Super Carbon 60.

NAVASOTA, TX, May 27, 2020 /Neptune100/ — “The rebranding effort provides clarity. Our product is a nano-onion version of fullerenes or Carbon 60. It delivers significantly more potency over an extended time,” stated Tad Izbinski, one of the principals of Super Fullerene Labs.

Super Fullerene Labs is the first commercial operation to offer the nano-onion based product in a capsule dose. Suspended in coconut oil powder, Super Carbon 60 provides a more potent alternative to oil-based suspensions of fullerenes.

A fullerene is an allotrope or a different physical form of the carbon element. Other forms include graphite, charcoal, and diamonds. Since 1986, fullerene research and uses include nano-material science, nanoengineering, nanotechnology, and nanomedicine.

Several studies revealed fullerenes possess high antioxidant properties with low toxicity. Research indicates greater biocompatibility with nano-onions than standard C60.

“The antioxidant capability of fullerenes is of great interest, particularly as an anti-inflammatory. We see nano-supplementation as a new frontier to improving life quality. We target this improvement for all life, including the animal members of our families,” said Jim Carroll, President – Super Fullerene Labs.

A proprietary process produces the nano-onion version of carbon 60. The solvent-free method generates nested carbon 60 molecules that take on the appearance of an onion. The value of the nano-onion is that millions of carbon atoms pack into a molecule. A single dose includes a chain of up to fourteen nano-onions.

“The novel manufacturing approach stimulates more potent antioxidant protection over a greater duration. We feel that the fullerene nano-onion is a next-generation solution that we offer today,” stated Tad Izbinski.

Available in three dosages, 5mg, 10mg, and 15, Super Carbon 60 continues to be available at until July 1.

Following July 1, will add offerings to the Super Carbon 60 family of products including Super Carbon 60 with Beta Glucan for immunity support and Super Carbon 60 for Dogs.

Super Fullerene Labs offers nano-supplementation to restore system balance during oxidative stress and to reduce symptoms of inflammation.

Super Fullerene Labs provides nano supplements in a clean, easy to ingest, coconut oil powder-based capsule. Packing up to several million carbon atoms into a single molecule., Super Carbon 60 provides extreme athletes, seniors, and those impacted by oxidative stress with the most powerful antioxidant available today. Super Fullerene Labs – Improving life quality through research, innovation, excellence, and integrity.