As COVID-19 Affects the Daily Lives of New Military Spouses Globally, MSAN Illustrates Dedication to its Mission to Empower, Mentor, and Educate New MilSpouses through a New Global Campaign.

SAN ANTONIO, TX, March 30, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Military Spouse Advocacy Network (MSAN) is no stranger to the concept of supporting new military spouses virtually through their volunteer lead peer-to-peer mentoring program. As our world enters into the time of social distancing and isolation, MSAN is stepping up to the challenge of providing support, empowerment, community, and a sense of belonging to both new and seasoned military spouses across the world via their fully virtual platforms. Now more than ever, we need to support new military spouses because they may be feeling scared, lonely, confused, and isolated. It may be a time of new emotions and unsettling feelings to not see a spouse graduate from basic training, realize a spouse’s deployment has been extended for an unknown period of time, not be able to PCS and join their spouse… the list continues.

Using a combination of peer-to-peer mentoring via email, virtual meetups, various social media platforms, and their website MSAN is living up to, and exceeding their mission to provide support and resources to new military spouses from day one. Because we believe that military spouses deserve real conversations, MSAN invites you to a series of virtual roundtable discussion featuring panelists from our partners, community influencers, and military spouses that, like you, are dealing with uncertainty. Through joint collaboration, our realities, fears, worries, and success, coupled with seasoned spouse mentors aim to provide real conversations for military spouses internationally. Founder and CEO Verenice Castillo believes that “military spouses deserve real answers, and a place to have conversations” and has called the team of volunteers behind MSAN to provide everything possible not only for new military spouses actively being mentored in the program, but for military spouses around the globe attempting to navigate this confusing and at times scary pandemic atmosphere by providing resources, boosting morale, and creating a loving and encouraging virtual environment for all. As we continue to educate, empower, and support new military spouses, we have launched Mission to Mentor, a global virtual campaign. Our “boots on the ground” have become “boots online” more than ever before. MSAN will offer a series of “Conversations Around the Table” to discuss important topics and resources, answer questions, share experiences, and much more.

Military Spouse Advocacy Network serves milspouses of all branches of the armed forces, including both national guard and reserve families. Our volunteers come from all aspects of military life and provide a well-rounded, knowledgeable organization to support military spouses from all branches.

To learn more about MSAN and our mission “to create stronger military families through education, empowerment, and support” visit our website at:, and connect with us on Facebook ( Instagram (@milspouseadvnet) and Twitter (@milspouseadvnet).