Platinum Pro Painters shared 10 ideas for painting stairs:

TORONTO, ON, November 11, 2019 /Neptune100/ — A staircase in the centre or entrance of a home can be a focal point. Painting stairs is an effective and affordable way to update the look of a staircase, without the cost of a full replacement. When it comes to painting stairs, homeowners have options.

Platinum Pro Painters shared 10 ideas for painting stairs:
1. Solid colours: Painting the stairs a solid colour can give them a quick refresh, while changing the feeling of the space. You can choose a colour that will blend in, or contrast, with the floors on the main level.
2. Pantone stairs: This is when the stair risers are each painted a different colour or tone of a colour. This can give a truly unique look to a home.
3. Painting the risers: You can choose to paint only the risers, a different colour from the rest. This look can create a floating staircase look with the right colour scheme.
4. Staining: If your stairs are wood, staining can give them a fresh, modern look. Proper stair finishing can remove blemishes and is more affordable than replacing the stairs entirely.
5. Painting stairs with words: Some homeowners choose to paint the stairs and include word decals on the risers. This can also be done with stencils. They might have an inspirational quote or a message about the family.
6. Don’t forget the banister: Adding colour to the bannister can give either a uniform or contrasting look, the choice is yours. The bannister frames the staircase, so it’s important it gets a refresh too.
7. Adding designs: Choosing patterns, textures and shapes can give your stairs a creative look. Your options are nearly endless and a professional painter that specializes in painting stairs can help.
8. Wallpaper stairs: This might seem like a bold suggestion but adding wallpaper to the stair risers can give texture and a unique look to your staircase. Wallpaper is back on trend.
9. Distressed look: Painting stairs isn’t limited to clean lines and perfection. Give it a rustic, farmhouse or cottage-like style with distressed refinishing techniques.
10. Painting a runner: Painting a runner-looking pattern on the stairs can give a sophisticated illusion for a fraction of the cost.

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