ONE ROQ Vodka’s decentralized business model (via shares similarities to Bitcoin’s business model when it was first getting started, offering consumers another chance to ride innovation at the ground floor in a lucrative industry.

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 03, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Just last month, @ONE ROQ_VODKA was named a ‘Top 20 Instagram Account to Follow’ alongside the likes of A-list celebrities, Kevin Hart and Cristiano Ronaldo by In the article, called ONE ROQ the ‘Bitcoin of the Adult Beverage industry,’ referring to the decentralized nature of its business model where end-users become financial stakeholders through its Membership platform, and whom stand to realize the upside benefits as ONE ROQ becomes adopted by more and more consumers.

In November, the Company reports another record month in e-commerce sales through, compared to the previous year period, and total membership eclipsed 3,000 members with new member growth on a consistent pace of 200-300 new members a month.

While ONE ROQ is not a cryptocurrency, nor does it accept or issue ‘crypto’ as a security, the Company agrees that striking similarities between Bitcoin’s democratization of currency and ONE ROQ’s democratization of beverage alcohol are warranted, and should serve as a harbinger for the Company’s future success.

“This unique recognition by the Los Angeles Wire demonstrates the beginning of percolating cultural adoption of the ONE ROQ brand, an innovation that is naturally satisfying a growing desire by consumers to create more equitable relationships with the products they consume – an experience that we believe consumers rightfully deserve,” states Garrett Green, Founder and Architect of ONE ROQ. “It is a bonus that ONE ROQ also happens to be winning top awards for its taste and design as well. Given the sheer size of the $300B global beverage alcohol market, a business model that is now past concept stage, and our ‘first-mover’ position with that model, ONE ROQ could easily present Bitcoin-like growth potential, without the regulatory ceiling.”

The Company congratulates its Members and looks forward to supporting their gifting and entertaining needs for the fast approaching Holiday season, at


ONE ROQ is an internationally award-winning, super-premium, luxury vodka from America. Proceeding initial trial market launches where it became jaded from industry stone walls, ONE ROQ reemerged through an innovation pivot in late 2018 where it successfully raised over $1M from 2500+ initial consumer investors. By May of 2020, ONE ROQ landed the cover of Food & Beverage Magazine ( for innovation and thought-leadership, won 95pts from the Proof Awards, and rose to the No. 1 selling vodka on a top US online retailer, 1877, its current fulfillment partner for online purchases.

ONE ROQ offers Members of the ONE ROQ Club exclusive privileges and digital amenities including foremost, company equity, a 24/7 ordering and gifting concierge, monthly reading content, referral rewards, VIP invites to special events, Members-only discounts, and the potential of future financial reward from their Membership investment.